Vision channels


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision channels

 Of the opinion that the channel makes it artifice and cunning trick to his relatives if the channel is known, though unknown to foreigners Vtkon trick, and may have been a betrayal if the water in order to conduct the water from the other if it is not the water, and being married has been construed.

 It felt: that he irrigates his garden with water channel spends what it got him on a woman or confidential, and perhaps a collector of his relatives.

 It felt: Canal house or garden in progress, the Farajallah was worried about.

 It felt: it blocked the channel spoil the case or accused because of his servant.

 It felt: unknown channel in which water is being separated from the water used is g illusion.

 It felt: he fell in or stained impure and forbidden accused came because of a server or a woman.

 It felt: he put on a channel or sink for drainage used it for Faraj, though for the water used by it for the benefit and welfare and God knows best.

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