Vision Cllwar

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Cllwar

The Cllwar, Ibn Sirin said: it is construed Bjarah were foreign woman or dirty.

It felt: he bought and wore it to marry a woman who were foreign.

If the woman saw it bought it shows her marriage.

It felt: he wears a narrow or Hllwara wearing what looks like him, it indicates a decrease jacket.

It felt: that sort of Bashllwarh vermin such as living and Scorpio, and so it shall be construed corruption of his wife with his enemies, and was told Cllwar server.

It felt: that no one gave him Hllwara it shows an increase server.

It felt: that Chloarh stole it shows his sadness because of the server.

It felt: that he had found Hllwara new it shows a new server, and that was black and dirty or was stained with oil or tar so that it has an offensive smell, it indicates the death of God the words of the Almighty “Their garments of liquid pitch, and the faces of Fire”.

And the vision of the Red Cllwar shows get humiliating.

The vision Cllwar Green indicates people blame it on the job.

The vision Cllwar yellow indicates the dieback.

The woman saw she wore a red or green, it is better and has the benefit only if the yellow or blue or black, it is not good.

It felt: that Chloarh burned it shows the loss of his concubine or servant.

It felt: that has been lost Chloarh it shows Abag his concubine or servant.

It felt: that women wear Hllwar it shows humility and meanness.

In all, the vision Cllwar construed in three ways: a woman and a slave server home.

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