Vision eyes

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Eyes: Eyes in a dream represent one’s religion or wealth. Ifone sees grass growing all over him but does not cover his ears or eyes in a dream, it means prosperity. One’s eyes in a dream also represent his faith and the road to victory in this life and in the next. One’s eyes in a dream also could represent his guidance or his heedlessness. Having many eyes throughout one’s body in a dream represents one’s piety, vigilance and excellence of character. Ifone sees the eyes of his heart in a dream, it means that he sees with the light of clarity. If one sees a man looking at him with a side glance in a dream, it means that he will suffer from an adversity, mistrust, disapproval, suspicion and disdain at the hand of such a man. If such a man opens his eyes and looks at him straight forward in the dream, it means that he will help him in his business or support his interests. If one’s eyes turn into iron in a dream, it means distress, a scandal or serious suffering from one’s community. If one sees himself looking at women in his dream, it means that he commits adultery with his eyes by looking and desiring what is unlawful. If one looks at someone’s eyes in a dream and likes them, it means that he will suffer from an adversity, religious corruption or jealousy. If one sees himself having an extra eye inside his body in a dream, it means that he is an atheist. If one sees himself having an extra eye over his shoulder in a dream, it means that he will be named to receive money in absentia. If one sees his eyes transfixed in a dream, it means that he looks suspiciously at a relative or someone else’s wife. Black eyes in a dream represent a religious person. A bluish-black eyes in a dream denote opposing one’s religion. Blue eyes in a dream mean religious innovations. Green eyes in a dream mean a religion which is different from all religions. Sharp sight in a dream means blessings, while weak sight meansjoblessness and living from the generosity of others. Ifa father sees weakness in his sight in a dream, it means that a sickness will inflict his children. If one loses his eyes in a dream, it means the death of his children. If a poor person or a prisoner sees that in a dream, it means that he will never become free again, or see any light for the rest of his life. If an oppressed person sees weakness in his eyes in a dream, it means that someone will help him overcome his adversities. If a traveller sees that dream, it means that he will


never return to his homeland. If one sees that his eyes belong to an unknown person in a dream, it means that he will become blind. If he recognizes that person in the dream, it means that he will be married to his daughter. If one’s eyes fall into his lap in a dream, it means the death of his brother or son. The eyes of a human being in a dream also represent his beloved, his son or his faith. Any defect in them in the dream may reflect in such people. Having one hundred eyes in a dream means money. The eyes of a ruler represent his spies. Eyes in a dream also represent a controller, a man or a spring. Treating one’s eyes with medicinal ointment in a dream means correcting one’s religious life or begetting a son who will become the jewel light of his father’s eyes or if one’s brother is exiled or deported from his homeland, it means that he will solicit him and entrust him with duties toward his family. Ifone sees his sight better than what people think in the dream, it means that his inner character is better than what people think, or if he sees his sight weakened though people do not know about it in the dream, it means that he keeps his faith to himself. If one’s eyes become white in a dream, they represent sorrow, or loss ofa beloved.lfone sees his eyes white, and if the white veil is lifted in the dream, it means that he will be reunited with his beloved and his distress will be dispelled. The right eye in a dream represents one’s son and the left eye represents one’s daughter. Ifa father sees one of his eyes being transposed to mix with the other eye in a dream, and if he has a son and a daughter, he should separate their bedrooms. Eating someone’s eye in a dream means steeling his money. Seeing one’s eyes without eyelashes in a dream means defying God’s laws. If one unplugs his eyelashes in a dream, it means that he will expose himself to his enemy. Seeing beautiful eyes in a dream could denote, sorcery. black magic, life or death. Eyes in a dream also represent one’s family, relatives, children or workers. Eyes in a dream also signify mourning someone or they could denote a sickness. Smearing one’s eyes in a dream means calamities, sufferings and punishment for one’s sins. To guard one’s eyes from looking at what is unlawful in a dream means heeding God’s commands. (Also see Body’)

Interpretation of Al zahri



Vision eyes

The eyes Faúlan religion is the religion of the man and his vision that he sees the guidance of the error, it is felt that his eyes are blind or have Anfqot repel Islam comes a great sin to the verse, “Lord, not Hchertna blind” verse. He was said to infect a broad and blessed with happiness in this world of what people said in the parable of the stepper Saad my uncle so and so and was told that he loses his children as they delight the eyes of the verse, “and those who say: Our Lord Bestow on us from our husbands” verse. It was said that his argument for blind and asked and was told he needs a little knowledge does not understand the things people do not know how much.

It felt: that his eyes Awhitta it shows the length of his grief for the verse, “and his eyes turned white from grief.”

It felt: his eyes were kind anonymous stranger, it indicates to go sight.

It felt: that his eyes Sarta metal of metal it is no good and they said, melancholy, and perhaps get his metal benefit from it.

It felt: that his eyes Tmsta it is because of the religion of Islam to the other to the verse, “and who was blind in this” verse. It was kept the Koran and forget.

It felt: he was blind and then I see it is guided to the right, and this vision was interpreted seven ways: for religion, money and children and a cat, insight and guidance and healing from sickness. It was blind to see the show exile for saying peace be upon him: if the strange blind seeing.

It felt: that blind and intent of Adawiyeh it shows what does not solve the perpetrator and his intention to quit, the found of Adawiyeh Universal access and Dawah his way or else be sure his repentance, as well as the expression of women’s eyes and increased the husband.

It felt: an accident in his eyes Faúl Eyes on the children said right and left female.

It felt: that it leads the blind guide the lost, to the right.

It felt: that one-eyed eye has gone half of his religion and wounded a great sin, and it was said that he expected to benefit from his brother and hope that he will grow, and perhaps it is to sin, and said to have had a brother or child dies, and maybe go half his money and was told to go half-Faisalh remaining fuel be the people of Paradise for saying peace be upon him: not one was Chrimteh reward or heaven, as the Prophet, peace in the modern right and I was told in a dream I hate it because the devil was the one-eyed, as well as the Antichrist.

It felt: that he was in his eyes as he pleased with, good and not having a son or brother gets it in his wealth and was sick.

It felt: that his eyes Rmda it occurs in the corruption of religion and oversees the destruction, the lack of conjunctivitis was the lack of it, but so too has increased and is said to make the people upon the order in which it will not deny that matter is between him and God.

It felt: that the lack of sight Rmayor outwardly and inwardly, that religion in the guidance as far as it appears.

It felt: he heals his eyes Faúl on five aspects: Salah in his religion and an increase in wealth and delight and the arrival of his brother and a son.

It felt: it was his conscience Icthal in kohl that is decorated by an order comes it gets Accessories and good as far as that, and was said to have married charms or poor benefited money well. It was of the opinion that Akthal Balothmd it combines the two women.

It felt: that he should not Akthal what it is prohibited from requesting or arranged Faraj.

It felt: that boys without antimony Aekhal it shows the plight of their so let him fear Allah.

It felt: his sight, without what people think or talk or see vulnerable people did not know so it be without Srerth Alanath.

It felt: his eyes are whiter it grief.

It felt: that his eyes whiter then evacuated it reveals something about him and was covered with joy and pleasure.

It felt: his eyes, and whiter it meets Angelta Bgaúb his absence has affected or who is difficult on him, but was worried I go God worry and distress to the verse, “and when he came to al-Bashir made his face,” the verse.

It felt: his body in many eyes, this increase in debt, and perhaps this indicates that grew Dmamal and open.

It felt: that the same one entered in the other, it was his son and daughter Flethfez that of his sister, the boy can Vivtdha.

It felt as if he eats it eats from the eye of his money.

It felt: that his hand in kind or both eyes were the eyes of a human or other money on it anyway.

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