Vision felt animals


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision felt animals

 The hair of beasts, said Daniel, felt animals construed Besser money, it is felt that the king nothing of it, it has the money go and said hair goats is the best hair and the hair is eaten the meat capital of old, long-abundance of money and a short I said and felt what is not eaten meat haraam wealth and long and short as well as .

The vision of what works of poetry, which fits the above mentioned in the wool are asked in the door in question, as well as what are asked to wear it in the door as we said in Advanced Wool .

The vision of the hair to twist his words also comes in his place and we mention some of what works for him here for being a solo races .

Of plastic

 As of plastic it is construed as ways:

Kirmani said: reformer of plastic construed person selected in all conditions and maintenance of the secretariat, and was told is the old capital, especially if long and better and more abundance .

 It felt: Lhasa it shows women and women’s interest, rich rich reformer husband.

 It felt: that he had bought it buys Lhasa ongoing interest useful and gets him to do good and benefit. The expression of a human hair, and his sentence was made to speak with him.

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