Vision folders

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision folders

Of the view of the folders, the interpretation of the Koran in his hand upright affairs.

But felt that he read it, it solves problems.

It felt: Folders jurisprudence, it would be passable through the good, and it will be read by following the orders of the prohibitions Mojtnba selected to be correct.

It felt: volumes of the news or read it will be close when the kings and acceptable opinion.

It felt: volumes of assets, it looks for things uncertainties, the read any of it, it runs as does not get his interest, and maybe get between him and the people who will debate, and perhaps led to blame, and may be lack of understanding of what is called reality and not perception, it may be the commission is forbidden.

It felt: to speak volumes in the door of reunification or logic, statement, or what suits it or read any of it, it runs wonderful things, and may not benefit from something that’s religion.

It felt: Folders of praise and acclaim the virtues or read any of them, it would be glib and righteous ones for the welcome in his actions to a minimum avoiding asking for the Hereafter.

It felt: volumes of calls or speeches or read any of them respond to the invocation of God and tell him escort.

It felt: volumes of stories or read any of them, it would be keen to Moaazha interested in listening.

It felt: Kings of folders stories or read any of them blame the people in action.

It felt: the wisdom of the folders or read any of them it shows the reading from the Koran and said to be intelligent to understand and the words of a stranger.

It felt: as folders, literature or read any of them, it would be keen on the world and its proceedings and requests fame and praise in creation.

It felt: volumes of messages, or read any of them, it becomes a writer when kings and senior companions.

It felt: volumes of medicine or read any of them, it would be a reformer president in his tasks of things corrupt.

It felt: natures of folders or read any of them, it would be a world in worldly things.

It felt: the stars of the folders or read something from it Salah functioning of this world do not benefit from it or from others.

It felt: volumes of poetry or read any of them, it was praise or Ghazla it runs due to get him to do so from the people to blame and appeal and has no interest of him in his religion and worldly affairs, though a poem in which the virtues and unification, reading marks the good and useful.

It felt: the expression of folders or read any of them to talk it up from someone Jalil gets his fate and that of the modern and the best of gratitude and honor the words of the Almighty “and taught me the interpretation of conversations.”

It felt: volumes of engineering or read any of it, it runs in the knowledge of famous people do and not because of his religion and that the benefit of the many ideas.

It felt: the division of volumes and space, or read any of them, it will travel without the benefit of travel.

It felt: the account of the folders or read any of them be worried in distress to seek the minimum.

It felt: volumes of anecdotes and Alamadag or read any of it he gives it to do Vdih ugly.

It felt: volumes of defects Hjohm people and what does not benefit it or read anything of it Igtabh creation and famous, including curriculum reprehensible. It was a vision not open folders if he did not know what it is for the benefit, although the expression on the above. It was the vision of what folders did not happen by accident evil in real life is better after all, but what happened is no denying Mahmoud.

It felt: it combines many volumes it takes all the science they read about his origin and the fact that, although not read that Vdd.

It felt: a book that he whipped it improves to a good man, as well as knitting.

It felt: he reads the Torah it is construed antagonism, but he gains the right and gets him his way.

It felt: that no one knows to read the Torah for it testifies to the good, and said to the old Torah construed small amount of migration virtuous.

It felt: it reads from the Torah does not save it from a book he gains his need after quarreling.

It felt: he reads the Bible from the book, it gets him the benefit of Christians before and read a book, it is not fooled by falsehood for truth, and be a friend of the Christians.

It felt: he reads the newspapers or newspapers Ibrahim Moussa it guide him on a path of righteousness and stop him by mistake, especially if you read the book.

It felt: he reads the newspapers by heart, it shows the hypocrisy of living among the people.

And the vision of the Psalms, well interpreted, it is felt that reading the book of Psalms, it chooses good deed.

It felt: he read it by heart and shows the hypocrisy in Raaúh acts.

It felt: he reads the newspaper from a newspaper is better than the prophets.

It felt: he writes a newspaper or consideration does not improve read it infects a legacy of the verse, “that this is in the newspapers, the first newspapers of Abraham and Moses.”

It felt: he reads the newspaper hit the face of an inheritance, and read it back in debt to meet the verse, “Read your book yourself are sufficient as a reckoner against you this day.” And if he sees the same subtle reading of the state and won the money, the woman saw that they earn a sentence in her pension.

It felt: a sign from Allah status written on his shirt, it indicates that Motasim any book it is in all conditions, and if anyone saw the people of the Book of the Koran in his hand or a book, it is located in a strange intensity.

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