Vision Funerals

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision Funerals

Of the group felt that the Machine at the funeral, it indicates that the owner of the funeral prevail on that group or to Mekdarhm of people, but Aiqaarham and oppress.

It felt: the funeral of an aircraft and the people it is construed with the death of a man so great that in his place, though it is known in particular.

It felt: that his funeral walk on the ground of pregnancy, it is traveling, but felt that they marry a woman, though it spoil her husband’s religion.

It felt: that no one followed his funeral is a decrease in the glory and merit.

It felt: that he fell from his funeral, it is of the rank and dignity and relevance and invalidate its proceedings, and was told the funeral devolves hypocritical men who perish on his hands Alerzlon.

It felt: the funeral of a man known for a topic that people do not Ikrbun to carry it, it is not imprisoned, though it is not unknown in the right Mahmoud seer.

It felt: that the holder of a funeral, it follows the Sultan and benefit from it and implement his money and you need people to him.

It felt: that would cause people to his funeral is held high on their hands, it receives a great authority, and the elevation redundant.

It felt: that the people crying behind a funeral praise consequences, as well as that praised him and called him, was otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that the funeral in the market for it shows the hypocrisy of the goods that this market.

It felt: that the funeral of funerals charged to the well-known masters it right up.

It felt: that the funeral of moving in the air, it indicates the death of a great man is too difficult for people to death and disruption of their own affairs because of it.

It felt: that the funeral is on the ground which is the subject of it installed in the ship.

It felt: that the funeral placed in a large place, the people of that place are committing immoral actions.

It felt: that a parent’s funeral, it follows to do a wedding.

It felt: it carries the funeral of a man, it shall be accompanied by a corrupt religion.

It felt: it holds a funeral, it follows the state and was told needs to be thought of walking in the funeral, the properties were of great people, the state amount, even if they are among the common folk is without it.

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