Seeing The Vision holidays In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision holidays In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision holidays In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision holidays

Of saw-Adha festival to accompany it shows a world of a man for reasons good and for the benefit of it religious.

It felt: a festival of festivals and people of the city are manifest Vtaoelh on six aspects: pride, joy and honor of the release from prison and repentance and the reward.

It felt: a feast was a feast on the fact, was one of the people of glory and honor is indicated by a lack of office, although not a case in Ezz Voukov living.

It felt: al-Adha festival, if it is accompanied by the premature of him to get his due and was told of his way with difficulty and fatigue.

The vision of the sacrifice was made in the door.

It felt: a feast, which he believes people of the Book on Fidel for fear of his enemies.

It felt: Ashura festival is evidence of increased access.

Revelation months

Seen from the month of Muharram Faúl on three aspects: the dignity of the pilgrimage and to show pleasure.

The zero Faúl in two ways: they g Izz and mandate.

The Spring For the first three aspects: joy and pleasure and the good and the grace and the emergence of congratulations and the growth of charity.

The spring and the other, there are two: to get out of tight capacity and increased livelihoods.

The May For three ways: cold and frozen and convenience of fatigue and the disruption of travel.

The Jumada Venzirh and was told to get a pool and repentance.

But Recep For four ways: suppression trial and the prohibition of folk and effusion blessing and good.

The month of Sha’ban Vchab mercy.

The month of Ramadan is subject to six aspects: the repentance of God and worship and paid for sin and for best revival of a year and the large number of livelihood.

As for November, there are two: start and the opening is said to travel and commit things difficulties.

As for November, Dhu’l-Hijjah Faúlan on three aspects: Ag and the behavior of matter and for the benefit and livelihood.

Revelation chapters four

The spring Faúl on seven aspects: the integrity of the body and the increase in provision and good living and get Murad and walk willingly lain and the health and renewal of travel.

And the vision of the spring construed the king and the air of others moderate means hot and cold at the same time so that it gets from the damage it is construed obtaining harmful from the king to the people of that place, but desires a moderate and Prospects enlightening Vtobeirh other than the above, although the spring in early Vdleil good for if was not premature.

And the vision of the summer shows grace and blessing and hope with updated and gain livelihood, though it is a lot of traders travel. It was the vision of the summer if the King shall devolve on the horizon and the early fruits and illuminated it indicates that it is aware of glory and wealth and you want to access, power and benevolence of the king to the public, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

And the vision of autumn construed to four aspects: the changing conditions and the weakness and sickness and the end of things and go for a walk and was taken from the meaning of the expression of the above in the spring.

And the vision of the winter show for mercy and said to the severity, and was construed Winter King, the push was very harmful to it than that for the King, though otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

Combine vision, days and hours

The combination, it shall devolve in years or months as progress in the modern sense was a good wife and said to a group meeting on good and piety and expiation of sins.

The days, Ja’far al-Sadiq said: what he sees in the best days on Friday and then on Monday and Thursday and every person to see what day it is a net full of light and good in the right well as its light and washing.

And the vision of what they are good on Friday and grace.

The vision is to stop Saturday.

The vision is starting Sunday.

Monday, vision quest thing in its occurrence.

The rest of Tuesday vision fatigue.

And the vision of stability and the continuation of Wednesday and said to rage and inventory.

Thursday and the vision of goodness and blessing.

It felt: on Saturday that he thought the filling runs Fridays, which is believed to be good and it is otherwise indicated by his love for the Jews.

It felt: on Sunday that he thought Friday that will be accompanying the Christians.

It felt: on Tuesday that he thought Friday that will be a companion to the people of corruption.

It felt: on Wednesday that he thought Friday that will be loving to the people of heresy.

It felt: one day, and what is not known to Mahmoud.

It felt: one day change is that Fidel is amazed by the changing conditions.

And the vision of counting the days construed five aspects: the position of a taxi and Accounting and the good and the grace and travel.

The day and night, heat and cold was provided he put in his class. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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