Vision hours

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision hours

Of the morning saw a silver lining and yoke gets to the people of that place and the best security and comfort.

But felt after the morning or in the darkness of his time Vtobeirh against that, and may be increased if a living shining.

It felt: it is time for the morning reddish weakness for the people of that place. It was the vision of the morning split interpreted religion and goodness and righteousness and strength.

It felt: the second hour of the day it is construed in two ways: the best compromise in a pond or something. It was the vision of hours accrue in years, months and was told as if the daylight hours in the night, even with twelve hours the first time Vtkon vision devolves important month of Muharram.

And the vision of the second hour devolves important zero.

And the vision of the third hour devolves place March.

The fourth time and the vision of the place shall devolve April.

And the vision of the place at five construed May.

And the vision of the sixth hour devolves important Jumada II.

And the vision of the place at seven construed Rajab.

And the vision of the place at eight construed Shaaban.

And the vision of the ninth hour devolves place of Ramadan.

And the vision of the place at ten devolve November.

And the vision of the eleventh hour devolves a place November.

And vision at the second session of the argument devolves place.

It felt: that the past of these hours, something the first months of the year and awaited what is a student of good and evil, and if the time known as Zuhr and ‘Asr and Maghrib and Isha unless the issue of the acts above-mentioned calculated on the estimated hours and the interpretation of its rule.

It felt: an hour of the night Faúl in two ways: his face is half a month and do not face judgment on him, “verse Vmhona night.” It was not an expression of the hours of the night but as you progress and as time went on it, and watch the free expression and the rule originally Vmsagot and expressing a lot of Investigation, the expression may provide day and night, heat and cold in the door and God knows best.

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