Vision machines boats


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision machines boats

 The extraction is good to tell people our praise to so and so Kkula in the sea.

 It felt: Gulwaa published in the sea is good praise.

But felt that it folded Vdd .

But felt that he took off in a boat, it takes off from sin. It was the vision of something meant to sail, whether man or animal or a plant or Jmada Vlienbar seer that and understand what he meant in their wake. The ropes and the sail will come to understand why the statement said ropes in his class .

 The Almviadev indicative of men Nfain assistants.

 The anchor Vtúl stay for travel and the wife arranged and strength and tranquility.

 The rudder is called Bosama indicative of different from the existing rights and Mdberha things, and perhaps the value of the house is not good in the coming down of them.

 The mast it is construed Chief folk who all cases related to it, it was an accident which saw a return on it and whenever he had a strong steady Mahmoud.

 The village, which is placed by the extraction, it devolves Bmaaon Manna in matters of the damage and emitter for good people and good in the occurrence of what harm her.

 The Aquarius who is it construed to cover whatever his affairs saw it from Zain or Shin construed it in that, perhaps indicative of the prevention and reaction Alkheriaat, as well as charity.

 The vision of the rest of the machines boats which are numerous Vtúl on three aspects: agents of the people and the routes and the benefit of good and said to be indicative of the roads and the owner of the methodology and adherence to the infallibility and the politeness and the eyes and help, and may have been his home and his path, especially if she has Iron.

 The boat is, without a boat in danger and acts, and may indicate a vision on the boat worry, distress and out of the good and Faraj.

 It felt: to swallow a boat is not good, and perhaps indicates that disturb to live.

 The decathlon is in his sense, but in order to place it with Mviadev many, and perhaps indicated by the interpreter of the king.

 It felt: it is a boat ride it as a favor.

 It felt: that he pulled out something from that it gets the money. It was the vision of all boats prison, especially if entered into, particularly if it closed, we seek refuge with Allaah from that.

 It felt: it is made in any of that industry can not be like him in real life, this is not Mahmoud.

And breaking the anchor woman’s death, and was probably entering into travel. The ark of the boat, it construed the crown of glory, and whatever the man he saw in that of Zain or Shin Faúl the owner of the boat .

 The Alasagalh it works a man meets the people with him, and perhaps showed a connection to other things by a man a hypocrite and Allah knows best.

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