Vision mills


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision mills

Said the preacher Abu Said: The debate on the water mill Fidel a man of good policy, correct opinion containing his hand on a lot of money and turn indicates the travel and meeting livelihood, and perhaps showed his vision of war and the molar refraction indicates the death of its owner.

It felt: that he went to Bhnth mill and grind it beneficial owner of the mill and the mill owner may benefit from it as well.

It felt: an imbalance in the mill or saw that someone stole the stone defect Universal access to its owner and was told the disease.

Ibn Sirin said: the vision of the mill show feud and fight, but if the mill were his property is less temptation .

It felt: a stone circle without wheat, it indicates to travel, though the wheat was going to walk it shows same in the cause.

It felt: Stone Tahoun of iron or copper, it indicates a severe dispute, although the antagonism of Qazaz be because of women.

It felt: he runs his hand Illsohna it shows a courageous partner does not have to pay a partner in all his affairs.

Ja’far al-Sadiq said may Allah be pleased with him: the vision of the mill shall devolve on five aspects: Sultan and Prime large and the strength and courage of heart and head .

And the vision of the subject mill show Big Head .

It felt: mill circle on the water or whether it indicates Bdwab to get better and living, and perhaps the molar war to the Arabs say the role of the millstone house of war, though it has not turned a woman touches.

It felt: that he grinds his hand, it affects a lot of good work and spends his hand, and perhaps indicates that the marriage or concubinage.

It felt: that the molar forcibly taken away or broken, it Vlqa his death, though the property of others Faúl it.

It felt: It is a monument to the grinding mill in which the people, the Sultan, it was of a sitting of the government of the parish, although it is individual people it causes nothing gets in his living from it.

It felt: that it is embossed molar strength of living and the attainment of its purposes and win things.

It felt: it hardens it come raging into something and get him the benefit of the product.

It felt: it grinds Barhi not have a pole he marry a woman not married to him on it. The woman saw that so too are without infallibility.

It felt: that it took the pole molar marry a woman.

It felt: that he entered the house, it enters a place Tahoun get him a living.

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