Vision of ablution

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Ablution: Taking an ablution and completing it by giving careful attention to details in a dream means fulfilling one’s needs. Taking a second ablution to perform one’s prayers without the ritual need to do so in a dream means increase in one’s light. Taking ablution with milk or honey in a dream means debts. Ablution is a proper deed in all religions. It is a guard, a clemency, assurance ofthe divine protection and immunity from punishment. Taking an ablution to perform one’s prayers in a dream means entering under God’s protection against what one may fear. It is reported in the traditions that God Almighty has said to

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of ablution

Of the opinion that ablution water and did wudoo, it was worried Faraj Allah be his main concern, although it owes spent God religion, though he was sick lips of God, and that he is guilty he repents Allaah be upon him and forgive his sins, and that he was afraid security of God which is good after all .

It felt: it is his wudoo or could not do so it does not matter to him he asked him and please him well by the grace of prayer.

It felt: it may not be including ablution ablution it is like one who is not the light, and was told the ablution with milk or honey, is good in religion.

It felt: that hot water ablution There is no good in it.

It felt: that ablution water muddy and so it is worried and distressed but please him to relief.

It felt: it asks ablutions can not find water, which asks too hard for him but please him by the grace of God facilitated.

It felt: that ablution which it enters the side is too hard for it not be possible.

Vision tayammum

Of tayammum saw that it was in a place where there is no water and did so as an expression of fully Vtobeirh ablutions, as well as that can not be.

It felt: it is tayammum and water indicates that it deviates from the law Fletb to God and back, and was told tayammum get to be a pilgrimage to a healing and a livelihood, Faraj and freeing.

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