Vision of aerosols


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of aerosols

And aerosols construed ways:

Ibn Sirin said: Aerosol construed vanities of speech and action that is not the good as God said, “forbidding ban down the drain.”

It felt: dust in the air that was red, it indicates antagonism and strife and bloodshed in that place, although the yellow indicates the disease, though black shows sadness and misfortune, though white is said to be less and easier.

Vision requirement

The requirement shall be construed ways:

It is felt that digging and found a place where a demand of gold for it shows the state Bmekdarh, though God give him a reformer of science and wisdom, even if the craft, it collects the money from his earnings.

But if there is a requirement of silver he marry a woman of pride, beauty, wealth and good ratios, and perhaps give birth to a son blessed.

Though a requirement of brass, it indicates the occurrence of companionship between him and the big man a bad act.

Though it is a requirement of iron accompanied by a man of great strength and the words and take his money and gets the benefit of many.

Though a requirement of aquamarine, it would be the state or get him the benefit of the king.

Though a requirement of Fairouz it shows the nail, the state and want to get and conquer enemies.

Though a requirement of garnet it shows for the benefit of a king or a great man.

Though it is almost a requirement of speaking with one of words is not implemented nor hear.

Though perhaps it is a requirement of evidence for the prestige, honor and status and gets his money from the king and grace.

Though a requirement of emerald it shows for the nail and you want to get.

Though it is a requirement of the mercury gets his money and the grace of a man of good treatment.

Though a requirement of Nuchedr or paper it shows sadness and loss.

Though it is a requirement of oil Evtdh between people and gets his people blame.

Though a requirement of salt it gets him good and benefit of a great destiny.

Though a requirement of a solution or vitriol or something to be brown in color, it indicates sorrow and harmful, but it shows a white vitriol beneficial.

Though a requirement of the magnet, it indicates a strong man to accompany Avid.

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