Vision of angels

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

AngelS: (Celestial beings; Heavenly beings) If one sees the heavenly angels (arb. Malii’ika) coming before him to congratulate him in a dream, it means that God Almighty has forgiven that person his sins and endowed him with patience, through which he will attain success in this life and in the hereafter. If one sees the heavenly angels greeting him or giving him something in the dream, it means that his insight will grow. or that he maybe martyrized. Ifone sees angels descending upon a locality that is raging with a war in a dream, it means that the dwellers of that place will win victory. If the people are suffering from adversities, it means that their calamities will be lifted. Flying with angels or visiting the heavens in their company in a dream may mean that one will die in the station of a martyr and receive God’s utmost blessings. If one feels scared of the angels in his dream, it means that a fight, an argument or awesome trials will befall that locality. In general, to see the angels descending from the heavens to the earth in a dream means enfeeblement of those who have doubt, and strength for those who have faith and certitude. If one sees the angels prostrating to him in a dream, it means that all his needs will be satisfied and he will be endowed with good conduct, good behavior and a blessed fame. If one sees them looking like women in the dream, it means that he lies before God Almighty. If a pious person sees an angel

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of angels

Of saw Gabriel peace be upon him, it travels in the request for information and realize security, and repeated his vision of it on the nail enemies, enjoining what is good or perhaps forbade evil.

It felt: it is alive and Mikael money and honor and attributed the horse or be generous.

It felt: Israfel it and travel news for the interests of the pension and benefit.

It felt: Azrael Angel of Death Felictad of death, although there was a queer shows his death, and perhaps indicated by the enemy Qasd Vlienbar of poor conditions and indicated by the vision of the goodness and corruption.

It felt: it is acceptable to Fidel for inheritance was said to indicate a separate group or is hated.

It felt: one of the angels or spiritual esteemed writers, that bless her certificate or a certificate located on it.

It felt: one in the position of the angels, the good people and injuring nail respite from them or g, and if the number of angels may indicate Askar, and may be Taona and war, and was told the king or the king expressed Bakasdh.

It felt: that it flies with the angels receive happiness in the Hereafter, and God wins Riduan and generosity.

It felt: one of the angels in the form of a man of good clothing, view it and the good pleasure, and he saw the image of an ugly or decrease it against that.

The king saw him and an order shall be as well. It was to see if the angels were known for something to show for his vision, strength, and Izz Al Bishara and his victory, security and facilitated the pilgrimage.

It felt: the angels fell to a place it is construed Banasrp to his family.

It felt: one of the angels on the status of women it is construed to lying to God.

It felt: as if the angels cursing him, it construed the corruption of religion and non-belief.

It felt: one of the angels make something known, it construed the good faith that his workmanship and his behavior in the way those offices.

It felt: that the owner of the property it is pride, and the state and the elevation of the nail.

Revelation Revelation

Of the view that inspired him or to any other order on the lips of the king known in which it no doubt reflects on six aspects:

First, tell him what’s right, because the Prophet peace be upon him reverting means to do so.

The second mandate is to, or the arrival of news of the Sultan on the lips of the mode is then reflected on the news and what shows to what has been said behind me.

And the third and the high altitude would place Izz and Iqbal.

And the fourth increase in science and in Salah al-Din and policy matters.

And V may be older than the age of forty years if the seer, which was expressed.

And the sixth was said that the dignity of God and infallibility.

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