Vision of ants


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of ants

 The ants, it shall be construed ways:

Multiplicity of ants frequently devolves people, it is considered that it is a lot to swallow, fill in a lot of his dependents, and was construed ants lot of money and grace, or Soldiers of the Sultan .

 It felt: fill in a bit of it is eaten interpreted high cost of that thing or hypocrisy.

 It felt: fill out of the house, it indicates the exit of people, including death or life.

 It felt: fill convey something of his own house is not good, but moved to his home Fbkhalaffh.

 It felt: that the ants come out of his mouth or nose, it construed Bahlake.

 It felt: that ants entered his house or his shop and stole something from him that thieves Faúl Fleihters them.

 It felt: fill out a fly from his home in the air travel of dependents it is construed.

 It felt: not fill the place of the ants is not unusual abundance Mahmoud against the people of that place.

 In all, the vision of ants devolve on five aspects: the people of the house, relatives and the band and money.

 It felt: ant in the mouth of a living thing, a marvel it is construed as a student Rizk Mojtahd Vliqna and smell his mind and know that God does not waste it, and Imam Ali may Allah be pleased with him in this poem:

Persuaded including remains without language … The Lord does not lose sight of the ant

I accept that age do exist … and that took him from foul play

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