Vision of applause



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of applause

The applause Faúl in two ways: the length is applauded Farah, though the show is a disaster, have already discussed the profile of it in the chapter members.

Vision of biting

As for biting, it is felt that kind of biting a human being love it more than in his love, but without love is evidence of his hatred.

It felt that a man known to bite it shows the pain of it.

It felt that a man unknown to him it gets a bite from harmful enemy.

It felt: that biting a man out of him and blood indicated that he gets his love because of sin.

It felt: that biting his fingers, it shows they are distressed in his religion.

Revelation CD

The disk Fidel greed he saw in the flesh received the taste of what is hope, though in places where no opposite is flesh, and was told the disk shows the hatred, it may be because of love.

Vision Letdown

The abandonment, the saw that it was let down because of the reason be sure to welcome Neil to him intended, though other Vtobeirh against him.

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