Vision of blood

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of blood

Of the opinion that the blood comes out of it is injured it is a position that was accepted and dealt with bribery, but not Universal access damage.

The saw blood coming out of surgery Universal access are distressed and loss.

It felt: he drinks blood for money, it is haram or Ahrac blood unlawfully.

It felt: that his body out of it a place of blood or pus Vltkh his body or clothes, it affects a capacity of haram money, but not stained anything it comes out of sin.

It felt: that coming from his face and blood or pus, and tarnished his clothes and his body Venzir first, and tarnished the other out of it than it pays his money to him if he knew, and that his ignorance of Losing.

It felt: it comes out of his body, blood from a stab with a spear, it is true his body and do a lot of his wealth, though he was traveling on Del safety and re-entry.

It felt: that the blood comes out of his veins, it interpreted the lack of money in the amount of blood, although the poor have benefited a capacity of money.

It felt: blood comes out of his penis, it indicates that his wife fell.

It felt: blood comes out of the orchestrated hit his body or his clothes earned haraam wealth.

It felt: blood comes out of his teeth fall ill, they are by his relatives.

It felt: Degree sum place where it occurred and then accuse him of it, including fear of killing the same unlawfully.

It felt: important rivers of blood or fluid Mizaba it is the shedding of blood.

It felt: it came out blood from his nose, it construed obtaining money from the face is forbidden, and that blood was a little did not contaminate his clothes and saw him fold it shows poverty and lack of money, and returned his strength after weakness was haraam wealth, but did not see when he came out weaker and the blood very little of it Faraj are distressed to say to one another drop of blood relieve them.

It felt: thin liquid blood from his nose injury is indicated by capital is forbidden, though solemn indicated fell pregnant, and was told that the nosebleed injury treasure.

It felt: that Raaffh dripping in the way it leads ALMS on the Sharia.

It felt: that the nose bleed he thinks will benefit him that he received money from the boss and good, but it was thought that the matter received the money from the Chairman be and mind and then fall ill, what he dislikes.

It felt: that the blood comes out of his eyes it is grief and parting.

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