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Vision of boats

 Daniel said: the vision of boats are distressed and imprisoned and served the profit and blame, especially for those who have in the boat did not come out of it.

 It felt: that he came out of the boat it shows for Faraj.

 It felt: that he died in the same boat it perish in the hands of the people.

 It felt: to stop the boat in dry ground, it indicates the occurrence of calamity and distress.

 It felt: that the sinking of a boat sinking in it earn the minimum.

 It felt: that the boat sank and he went out on the water some luggage, and sinking all the luggage it shows the destruction of his property.

 It felt: that the boat breaking it shows a great calamity of his father.

 It felt: he sat in the boat and the boat was in a high place and the boat is pleased by the sea it shows for pride and because of the sanctity of the king and senior companions.

 It felt: that the boat is going in the future of the sea, it shall be construed to travel to the verse, “with neighboring structures in the sea Kaloalam.”

 It felt: to stop the boat on the sea side it shows the residence for travel.

 It felt: that the boat is going and he is following up to him and he interpreted the difficulty of his affairs, but it comes with reaching the destination.

 It felt: that walking on the side the boat, it travels and gets him good and benefit of the meaning “to place the ark in which” the verse.

 It felt: that the compound, it shall be interpreted so that the workers go in the King missions to countries.

 It felt: he sat in the boat and the boat going to sea is afraid of it shows the King as much closer to the boat, but felt that Vtobeirh against him.

 It felt: that in the composite integral wearing a decorated it shows closer to the harem of the king.

But felt it Takrguet it shows for a disaster on the one hand to the king of his harem .

 It felt: that the rest of the compound of iron, he will meet the power of the king, and that was one of the metal from the metal Vtaoelh as well, but did not go Vtobeirh Ddh.

 It felt: it is marketed, it indicates a boat to travel and accompany the ignorant.

 It felt: that the boat going in the dryness, it indicates to travel without the benefit of people and covet it.

 It felt: to break the boat on land it is a disaster for much of the point of Jalil.

 It felt: that the composite panels, the wind carried away the King takes the money from him.

 In all, the vision of boats interpreted the eight aspects: born father and a woman riding and joy, security, live and sang, and went out of his boat safety Faúl including Male, though Vtobeirh damage against him.

 It felt: it has become a Mrackbya composite wheels, it is evidence that he is a reformer among the people and be acceptable to say, even if the composite wheels as it should be dangerous at his command. It was of the opinion that in the ship it them or dispute or imprisonment or order prevents him from promoting or survival of the ship, which fear and caution, though married charms.

 It felt: it creates a ship or purchased by or donated to him or marry Atsry to the verse, “with the neighborhood” verse.

 It felt: he was in the ship came out of it escapes to the mainland of anguish and imprisonment and the calamities and with things for the verse, “We saved him and the owners of the ship.”

 It felt: that the vessel receiving water concern the difficult reception in which difficult to leave it.

 It felt: that the vessel is an easy walk, the main concern weaken, though he is imprisoned or leaving difficult patients, or traveling a long illness, could not travel.

 It felt: that the ship in its list of the stagnant water are severe and far to survive.

 It felt: that in a ship in the sea or the righteousness which is in the form of satisfactory Adakhl it the king or his substitute or be his ship in case of danger and fatigue.

 It felt: that climbs to the middle of the sea a ship of doom after he realized, was the guilty repents of his sin, and sacked if he is poor, although the patients woke up, and that the applicant is aware of catches, though his main concern was still worried, though married or charms apply.

 It felt: that in a ship and sank him is it sinking in worldly matters and consequences to be good.

 It felt: that when the ship sank it went luggage shortage of money and compensate for it because the ship in any case survive.

 It felt: that the vessel is broken and then dispersed Oluahha, this calamity, and were probably in the father or uncle.

 It felt: that in a ship, it has been violated in his win.

 It felt: that he saw two ships, one that has violated the Ankrguet are please to survive the verse, “Okhrguetha to sink her family.” Perhaps Del damage to safety if his vision of honest trade.

 It felt: it is not in a ship, it would be escape from the evil of what Ahadhir, perhaps he die at the hands of a woman Sfahh hypocritical because the ship of wood.

 It felt: that in a ship in the rain or pond water, it was parading the world and the increase in the religion is still a lot of good in himself and paid his money.

 It felt: that in the ship fall ill, they descended it as much as the decline amounted to salt water, if he is sick of his death, though his wealth and rich Vzhab this vision in terms of the sentence is not Bmahmodh.

 It felt: that in the ship being in the land it hypocrisy at work or forbidden to marry or travel or illness occurs, is probably the pilgrimage.

 It felt: a ship being in the air, it will inevitably die.

 It felt: that in the blood vessel where it becomes a disability. It was the vision of a woman Qhermana ship.

And the vision of the compound known to the large-headed man .

And types of boats and ships :

The ship sea salt if it is better for Muslims, though they are prey to the infidels and utility boats are called when employers Kerkorh .

 The Crow Road Faúl sector and invaders, and was probably a war and strife.

 The Alprusana Faúl Moroccan trade is beneficial.

 The Althelby Faúl trade low-gain.

 The Golden Vtúl Sultan.

 The frigate Vtúl princes.

 The prefectural Vtúl tick.

 The Aldermona it in two ways: they interpreted the minister of state Talqat, perhaps because it reflects the king-specific tags. It was the vision of the composite show the outstanding men with positions.

And boats without Gulwa women .

And boats Almrsah prisons .

Boats and forgotten marriage .

The boats are broken .

Sunken boats and survival and was told coaster ride Neil states, though smaller ship showed the small state, but not the people I grew up and so it enters in when the risk is despicable .

 It felt: he boarded a ship and was in command it come to him as a tremendous relief or a man who holds a stake.

 It felt: as if he came out of the ship to land, committed the sin of the verse, “When Njahm to the mainland if they associate.”

 It felt: as if the ship broke and dispersed Oluahha attaches a board of which he oversees the severe exhaustion and then survive, albeit in a merchant lost his business and gain profit.

 It felt: as if the ship sank and dispersed Oluahha was wounded in his father or his relatives, or in the ship’s list shows that are not conducted on a prison ship that, as the Buenos peace be upon him locked in a whale. As for the rest of the Alabhr Each one reflects on her family and place for what they offer.

If he saw something in the ship repair spoil it for something .

 It felt: it spoils the Vtobeirh something against him because the people of the sea called pension validity havoc and corruption goodness.

 It felt: that in the ship alone marry it.

 It felt: that the ship Mosoukh it get better after all.

 It felt: it attracts a ship from land to sea in his secret belonging to the king and to draw near him.

 It felt: that Vtobeirh against him.

 It felt: that he briefed the ship to a high place can not be the rising of the ship like it in two ways: to cause a high in his interests and his status and fame among the people, and perhaps it was not Mahmoud.

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