Vision of boys and young men

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of boys and young men

Well saw a boy of gorgeous scenery moderately optimistic cod Mtauaa Fidel for pleasure and the attainment of objectives, including Neil Bishara is pleased Khater, albeit ugly scene is indicated by an enemy and was told gm and narrow chest, especially if Shaggier ugly scene, and clothing.

It felt: a young boy, he is known and what he saw as he pleased and good grace.

But felt the opposite is what tainted, though unknown, there are two: an enemy or gospel, and was told the young man’s enemy, the enemy was the white is hidden, but Adham enemy is rich, though he is an enemy Blonde Sheikh.

It felt: that it follows a young man he gains an enemy.

It felt: as if he became a young man have differed in the interpretation of his vision and was told that he renewed his pleasure and said that he appears in his religion or worldly lack of great and was said to die and was shown with some friends enmity to care and hope, has made mention some thing from this and what suits him in the expression of Ornament and appearance.

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