Vision of breastfeeding

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of breastfeeding

Which is on aspects of:

It is felt that it suckle of humility and sorrow .

It felt: that someone is feeding from the nipple, it was locked up and no good for nursing or nursing women.

It felt: that a woman suckles the breast, it gets sick, and considers it a woman, whether large or small, lower it to contract. The nurse saw it from her breast, it is to us a legacy of her daughter.

If she saw a woman breastfeeding breast of man there is nothing good in it, and the Redaha breast of another woman is subject to dispute. The infant penis is good for the Rada and breastfeeding women and get better and eliminate the need, and the members of all that is good for Dr. Rada and the best of nursing in which only mentioned, and the infant from the bladder is subject to dispute .

It felt: that breast-feeding did not generate There is no good in it.

It felt: that of an animal is feeding it money and get the benefit. It was the vision of breastfeeding for money, it was a human being or animal is not eaten meat is forbidden, although it is an animal whose meat is eaten it is old money, and was told Durr of human compassion.

It felt: that he who has nothing to suckle the breast is requesting money from the people Okhosa der earned it, but did not generate Anlh did nothing.

It felt: it is feeding from a human or an animal from one place does not require the breast is difficult, the request is received from him as much as it has meant but Baltasir. It was of the opinion that a boy or suckle suckle it locked up and closes the door and bestowed upon the severity.

It felt: he nursed from his mother’s breast it shows for Ezz and tidy, and if he sees that his mother fed to the verse, “And We inspired the mother of Moses that Erdaah.”

It felt: that in his hand to us, it Musharraf to increase the minimum and nail it.

It felt: it roams on women and breasts sucks not being to milk it like a man accustomed to boys and sodomy.

The woman saw a man nursed from the milk of her money it takes as much as she dislikes Artda .

It felt: that Artda of breast implants, whether for human or animal is out of his breast something means either kind loved or hated it money, even if static is not Mahmoud and said to the benefit unless the recipe spirit or move, and that was a little bit of that, it shows the boy, though the type of thing he loved good son, though opposite is hated and God knows best.

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