Vision of chairs

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of chairs

The chairs on the Vtúl ways:

The throne was made to speak to him and the profile of speech on the chair which is made by carpenter and now recall here the profile of it so as not to be devoid of meaning. Some of them said that he interpreted to science, and was construed man Zahid assess whether good looks attributed to the mosques, schools, and if attributed to the king, it construed the king of his vision of a just and powerful sandalwood and told the chair that is not attributable to employers Trades Whatever it is construed women saw it as from Zain or Shane had interpreted it.

It felt: he bought a chair, it buys under way.

It felt: he sat on a chair it is construed as if something has been lost it to find the verse, “We placed on his chair and then a body turns.”

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