Vision of clothing

Vision of clothing

Vision of clothing by Ibne serin Clothing: (Dwellings; Face; Look; State; Transient) One’s garment in a dream represents his innermost thoughts that will eventually show in his attitude in life. If one’s thoughts are good, then it will show, and if they are evil, they will also manifest. If one wears a slipper over his head and a turban in his foot in a dream, it means that he is carrying trouble. Depending on its type and name, a garment in a dream could represent a man or a woman. Wearing a new garment in a dream is better than seeing an old one. If a man sees himself wearing a woman’s apparel in a dream, it means that he is a bachelor. Ifa woman sees herself wearing a man’s garment in a dream, it means that she is unmarried. Wearing a tightly buttoned shirt in a dream means experiencing tight circumstances or reuniting with a traveller returning home, or it could mean marriage for an unwed person. Wearing a stately apparel in a dream means honor and dignity. Wearing a soldier’s uniform in a dream means war. Wearing a scholar’s robe or a teacher’s vest in a dream means studying to become a learned person. Wearing an ascetic’s woolen wrap in a dream means becoming a renunciate. Wearing a salesman’s suit in a dream means hard work or looking for work if the suit looks expensive in the dream, for people mostly wear expensive looking suits when they are still searching for work. Wearing a white garment in a dream means pride, honor and dignity. Wearing silk in a dream means strength and occupying a high rank in a business or government. If one sees a deceased person wearing a silken garment in a dream, it means that he is dwelling in the heavenly paradise. Wearing a garment that is adorned with gold in a dream means victory over one’s enemy. A black garment means honor, reign and having mastery over people. Wearing a green garment in a dream


means martyrdom. Wearing a cotton garment in a dream means following the Prophet’s tradition (uwbp). Wearing a woolen garment in a dream means clarity, unless if it is coarse or unfitting and in that case, it means poverty and humiliation. Wearing a linen garment in a dream means enjoying a blessing or a favor. Wearing a brocaded garment in a dream means receiving an important and a revered message, rising in station, enjoying wealth or it could represent the blessing of having a child. Wearing a robe that is trailing behind one’s feet in a dream means rebellion and disobedience, while wearing a moderately short coat in a dream means purity, virtues and chastity. Wearing any type of garment in a dream means emulating the character of such people or becoming a prisoner of war. Wearing a kufi or a headdress for prayers in a dream means atonement for one’s sins. Wearing a jubbah or a long cloak in a dream means longevity. Wearing an open sports jacket in a dream means ease in one’s life or financial success. Wearing a special costume for a festival or a celebration in a dream means prosperity and a wealth that is saved for one’s children, or it could mean buying new merchandise for one’s shop. Wearing a military uniform in a dream means distress, trouble or a scientific dispute. Wearing one’s traditional cos-tumes in a dream, or that of another community means to befriend them and to celebrate their festivities with joy. (Also see Filth; Linen; Used clothing)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of clothing

The President of the clothing it is construed to be improved in the right of the seer, and was probably an ascetic reformer. It was said that the vision of the good and benefit of women, especially if they are engaged and the crossing needs to understand and interpret the color as stated in the assets of colors.

It felt: he sold clothing in the winter or the removal of it forcibly, that shows his poverty and his need for the people, and was clothed head man, and perhaps his craft to do and be safe out of poverty and survey the error in the living and go wealth and expand it in the heat they and damage in the winter for and if it Almparty del engraved on a woman, said to interpret the slave woman or whatever the boy saw it from Zain or Shin Faúl them.

Vision presentation and chill clothes and colors

The subtraction of clothes and chill it devolves on the ways:

It is believed that wearing something of which it construed fine and if the benefit of the cotton is clean and wide, and if that Dd Vtobeirh against him, and if they are silk and there is nothing wrong with it and the vendor chooses this world to the Hereafter. It was the vision of coolness, whether detailed or not detailed, it shows the good, narrated that Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him said, O Messenger of God as if I saw yesterday on the Barada petechia said: two children Thabr them.

Alhabrh and show joy and happiness, and being cold in the course of Aloa Aloa expression but in this world better than he is in the interpretation of religion is stronger than wool.

It felt: it is cool to wear cotton or mixed Bharir it without it, though silk, it is haraam wealth.

The ornamental clothing in the markets they are welcome and only in times of joy and the Gospels, as well as if they are in the role with her unless some kind of amusement.

It felt: he wears winter clothes in summer, they indicate the change immediately.

It felt: that he wears clothes in summer and winter Increased good benefit as much as the value of what to wear.

It felt: clothes that he wears women it increased money with them and the fear of dire consequences but survive.

If she saw a woman wearing clothes of the men it shows the good and benefit.

It felt: wearing clothes that most despicable of his clothes, it shows the corruption of his affairs, although the quality of his clothes, it shows the system of its affairs.

It felt: clothes that it pride, it shows the high regard and the amount attributed to him a sum of those clothes that were eligible for it, otherwise it is good and benefit.

It felt: that his clothes from the clothes the people of corruption, it would be a lot of sins and the sins of many.

It felt: that kings wore it shall be construed in three ways: bring them and get better and the benefit of and regularity of its affairs and for the sanctity and dignity.

It felt: that wearing clothes of scientists and was eligible for Salah it for science and charity world and the Hereafter.

It felt: that he wears clothes of wool, it is interpreted by ensuring the money.

It felt: that he wears clothes dhimmis or warlords or so or it Alrvdh be inclined to attribute to him those clothes.

In all, the vision of clothes never devolve on nine aspects: religion, wealth and prestige and the benefit and live and work for justice and fairness, and if not what it denies to the expression.

If the woman saw what she wore the clothes of the said laudable Vtaoelh Salah her with her husband and the integrity of their conditions. It was the vision of clothes if a man is to accrue for loss of six, and if the King was seen as the best black clothes and the diocese of g.

It felt: that he wears clothes black it fall ill, with distressed and grief, but if those who wear them in real life and is known by the black Sadd Izz and Sultan, and was told the clothes blacks who used to wear injury hated and was told is the patient’s proof of the death, because the people of calamities wearing clothes black clothes zero sickness The disease only in Dibaj or twinge or silk and these things are valid for women and men of corrupt religion, and was told if the patient wash it until the yellow dress and appeared Cefrth still laying Valthob Cefrth construed and interpreted body Bsagmh By going and she went with him.

It felt: that disarming him a yellow dress out of it he falls sick, it does not matter what he hates it happened in the yellow dress from tearing or so unlike all Almbos in color.

As for vegetables, clothes and pleasure, and rejoiced reconcile obedience to the clothes they are people of Paradise to the verse, “Khadr Sondos them clothes and brocade.” It was the clothes vegetables to neighborhood power of religion and to increase worship and for the dead, well-being of God which clothes the people of Paradise to the verse, “and wear green garments of fine silk and brocade” and shows wear green for the neighborhood to infect legacy for the dead that came out of this world a martyr.

It felt: he wears green garments it is construed glory and honor.

The clothes eggs they interpreted the accession to be, especially if pure, and was told the clothes eggs are valid to wear our and the world of those who return to wear them in real life, and the owners of crafts and trades Fidel to wear them on holiday as they do not wear clothes eggs when being distracted by work.

It felt: that he wore pure white clothes it shows Salah religion and good condition and concerns go to the verse, “And purify your garments.”

The blue clothes they show grief on the one hand the Sultan.

It felt: that he wears clothes Zarqa religion, it is good.

As for clothing Rouge, they hated men but Almlhfah and Mizar and bedding, the red of these things indicate pleasure and are valid for women in Dnaahn, and was told that wearing red indicates heavy fighting and dispute high, and was reddish joy with a prostitute in the world to this story of Qarun and they are said to indicate the large number of prevention of money with the rights of God and the King wearing red evidence he quit playing and playing and it was said that he demonstrates in a patient death.

It felt: that he wore in the Holiday or Friday does not matter.

It felt: he wears red clothes, he will meet with conflict and fighting, though Welcome to the mandate he received, and perhaps he was pleased with the verse, “went out to his people in finery” and was clothed with red. It was a vision in red, whether clothes or other, they show good, and may indicate a vision in red dress a delight.

It felt: his clothes burned it up to him harmful to the king as far as it burned.

It felt: that his clothes torn, it interpreted to reveal passwords.

It felt: that he wears clothes of wool or animal hair or hair or transmitter, so that money, and if the like of silk or cloth, and haraam inclined soil divided evidence of immorality.

The dirty clothes eventhough they accrue and sadness.

As for clothing, it devolves from Alkagd Bcnaah no good in it.

The clothes of the skin, it devolves good and beneficial as far as attributed to him that the skin and clothes which do not sew it in terms of the sentence of any of the items indicates the fully filled with religion, and perhaps his life that on the face and clothes of ceramic accrue glory and prestige.

It felt: he wears a dress Marja it comes a woman in her rectum.

It felt: it opens the robe folded it shows on travel.

It felt: that turn the dress is open, it indicates the advent absent from his trip, and was told the dress new white man woman and woman as husband and king, grace and the benefit, it is considered that take off his clothes with him that was in the service of the king it is away from his service, although not as well as he called his wife .

It felt: he cut his clothes, it is construed obtaining good.

It felt: that the thief pick off his clothes, it interpreted the occurrence of corruption among the women, and was told the dress with a duplex or a color indicating polite and mandate of the owners of religion and the world and new clothes are valid for the rich and the poor and show of wealth and pleasure.

It felt: that magsuot clothes new Vtmzkt not able to repair like it fascinating, though the extent that it is alive and the boy and the high value of the slaves illness and are free to increase the grace and clothes thin resurgence of religion is to wear over his clothes shown on the approval of his secret Alanath, and perhaps the intention is better than the apparent , and probably received the money Mdjura and brocade and silk is not fit to wear socks for the scholars, they Aúlan Btalbhm world and invite people to heresy, and were probably valid for non-scholars, they interpret the work require Paradise and hit with the principality and also reveal the marriages a woman dishonest or concubinage Bjarah beautiful setting calls for the crossing in an expression that is all seer of the event.

As for clothing Aloa construed penile state who was from her family, especially from the people of plowing and planting and the fertile year for those who the people are for women to increase pleasure and gave Xia received the money from the point of Persians and people of the Book and gambling, and possibly devolve whips.

The clothes and combed it and raise the prestige and good reputation of the men are good for women and collection of money is unequivocal.

As for clothing saga Some of them make the interpretation of women and some of them make money and some of them make the disease and make them mean Melhem epic fight.

As for clothing, it devolves ceramic Hajj and they differed in yellow, including some of them hated him, and was told that the ceramic does not hate the yellow and red do not praise him to the renewed world.

The linen clothes’ lives are dishonest and money from the face of dire consequences did not disparage one of the crossings, whether men or women unless mixed with something kind of abomination.

But it devolves Alhabrh Balahbur and there is only good, especially for women. It was the vision of cloud shape, clothes, and if he sees that he has to wear two garments Khalqan Mottagtaan one above the other is indicated by his death and torn clothes offer construed injury concerns and torn vulva, and construed in length so as Alqaba and Aldwage.

If a woman sees her clothes created a short and lacked concealed HTC’s new dress and eat eat eat money for clothes and eating dirt money, clothing directory Sacred Heart and Venzaftha Oeschha construed heart Vlienbar that crossing.

It felt: that his clothes, which afflicted him for Absaa, if the travel is not travel, although it is not intended for him.

It felt: he sells his clothes, Salah is one who has no good buys, but he saw that it paid for itself is the demise of his poverty.

It felt: that wearing new clothes after the wash, it interpreted the demise of the anxiety and distress and is safe from harm.

It felt: he wears a dress or forbidden to him, which is attributed to women marry, it is haraam.

The embroidered clothes, it devolves mind, distress, and were probably known by the famous seer, and may have been hit by five Saata if the people of corruption.

It felt: that he wears clothes for women, the pregnant, they had come the female, but did not have it infects pregnant harm or fear in himself and as much as repugnant nature of money, and was probably injured his time.

The robe, which is placed on the shoulder, it interpreted the religion of the person who wears it in the neck and neck into the Secretariat, it is felt that the robe he think is good religion, Salah Hassan and his faith.

If you saw the dress that put him on his shoulder Well it increase the debt and the health benefit of a religion nor thin. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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