Vision of cupping

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of cupping

The Secretariat and the requirement to isolate and to go and money in the benefit and survival of the Lord and the salvation of the prison, writers and nail and the health of the body and divorce a woman.

It felt: that he was treated with cupping it mimics the Secretariat of the book or write it or recover it, which, though innocent he was sick for saying peace be upon him: healing my three verses from the Book of Allah or to lick honey or a glass of cupper.

It felt: that he was treated with cupping and stained Sradgah blood it dies because yes Ben excess of what Onach door of the house saw in a dream, like cupping and stained Sradgah his blood when he has entered it Osudan, they killed him, and was cupping the governor isolate, and perhaps for all the people of the Wall and the other leg disease, and were probably go money in the benefit or survival of anguish.

It felt: that he was treated with cupping and was in custody because it is called Zaid bin Muhallab was in solitary pilgrims, he saw that thou shalt be saved from imprisonment.

It felt: that reluctant or treated with cupping, bending and state, or written by the book or copies a secretariat or married, if cupper old man is his grandfather, though unknown, is the most powerful, albeit mixed same is his friend, though a young man is his enemy, and size is king, it gains control it, although the size of an old man filled his grandfather, a young man, although the size of fingernail Bteke.

It felt: that he did not come out cupping Meh something buried money, it may not be guided by him, or to pay a deposit of no return it to the blood out of him is true in that year, though it broke the scaled divorce his wife or die.

But felt like a stone out of his wife when she gives birth to cupping than others do not accept thatĀ .

It felt: that he is not reluctant to cupper that it was a Pens get his act as his pen and gets a good many, if not become the owner of a pen, it owes and gets his feud and labeled documents.

It felt: that he was treated with cupping it escapes from the evil or fear to be.

In all, the vision of cupper construed eight aspects: the performance of the Secretariat of the book and the conditions and state, and the evils of his family and clerks and the year well and isolate, and perhaps the writer cupper abscess or an accountant, and was probably a man dissolved cupper things people on his hands.

I saw some of the crossings like cupper vision as stated in the modern advanced thanks cuppingĀ .

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