Seeing The Vision of dairy In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of dairy In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of dairy In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of dairy

It devolves on the ways:

Daniel said: sweet milk whenever the finest soft because it is sweet when fresh shows the increase of money and debt, although the sour indicates the decrease of money and religion as much as eating it.

It felt: that the milk has become a soft cheese to eat it it shows for money and I’m living lookup capacity of women to human milk construed in prison.

It felt: that drink the milk from the nipple, it betrays in his earnings and his living.

It felt: that the woman came out of her breast milk and it indicates that it was good and the increase of grace.

In all, the vision of human milk shall be construed in three ways: Rizk old boys distressed and money and grief on the living.

It felt: For us, it stems from the ground construed unfair to the people of that place.

It felt: that milk from milking animals in and out of place it is the blood of milking construed violating the king, and the poison out it shows haraam wealth.

It felt: that drink the milk if the horse is awake Mahoda drink of it shows the good and closer to its kings, although not Mahoda Faisal hated him.

Milk and mule shows the difficulty of the works and fear.

The camel’s milk shows for money and grace of a king or a man of great destiny as far as drinking it.

Milk and indicates the capacity of deer living.

Milk and goats shows get money from his wife.

The tiger’s milk shows nail the enemy, and perhaps shows him an enemy.

Milk and elephant shows haraam wealth of the big man.

And buffalo milk indicates the capacity of livelihood and money.

Milk and donkey shows the disease and heel for healing.

Milk and indicates that the bear get harmful, fear and sadness.

And rabbit milk shows get a little better of a woman dirty.

Pork and milk indicates that Bilhah and the lack of his mind, and perhaps indicates that it is haraam to eat, and perhaps indicates that for sorrow and calamity.

Milk and Fox shows cunning and resourceful, and religion, and perhaps indicates that disease is going, and was told that he was sick healed.

And milk of women indicates that harmful for those who fed him, and was told breastfeeding is better for women and men of evil.

And milk for the dog shows fear and horror of a great, perhaps indicated by the disease.

The lion’s milk shows for money-Sharif from the King and invincible enemy and undermine intentional.

And milk Jackal shows rivalry with relatives.

And cow’s milk shows get good and high status in that year in the religion and the world.

Milk and antelopes indicates dieback and healed quickly.

Pussy and milk indicates antagonism and war, and perhaps indicated by the weakness and dieback.

Milk and indicates the wolf of fear and panic is too strong or it is important.

Hyena and milk indicates betrayal his family with him.

Milk and sheep shows for money and the increase in debt.

Milk and bird shows you want to get statement in full.

Coffee and Leopard shows for haraam wealth of his enemy, and was originally interpreted milking hated it, but Aleppo camel construed employment in the land of the Arabs came out blood instead of milk being in that state and who was not fit to marry a woman, it is valid.

It felt: that suckle milk of any kind whether it is corruption of the people locked up as above, but from the people of righteousness, it shall be construed in two ways: either the woman he has forbidden and he does not feel or are ongoing.

It felt: for us it Raúba obtain his travel money.

Skim and construed in two ways: livelihood after they and soreness or haraam wealth, and was probably known to the seer asked who is no good in it.

It felt: that drink the milk and leaves tinged with pure it pleases to live and eat Don’s land, and perhaps his heresy so let him fear Allah. It was the vision of monsters milk milk money is going, but it is construed zebra repentance and righteousness.

It felt: he watered the seven children of us it gets him good and benefit of the king. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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