Seeing The Vision of death In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of death In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of death In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of death

Of the opinion that he had died and people wept upon Andbonh and Gusloh Vuh and in the coffin on a bier and carried him and buried him in the grave and topic screens that shows the corruption of religion, but did not bury it shows Salah affairs.

It felt: he was dead and laid on a bier and carried his funeral, people seek and walk in his funeral it shows honor and altitude would but be in his religion disorder and corruption, because death is the drop out of good things and others can be righteous in his religion after that especially if you learned that he was not buried in the tomb.

It felt: that he died and he lived after his death, it commits and said to repent and longevity.

It felt: that he had said to him, the man who said you did not, it has never die a martyr.

It felt: he was dead and the dead body it was not one of your web it did not wash the shroud was ruined some of his home.

It felt: that he died and was buried not one of your web it did not follow his funeral was not a wash, it indicates a lack of some of what ruined his building of his house but the other one was that it can Aamrh.

It felt: he is dead in the cemeteries, as he had died of the term of a long journey it travels away and comes with the ignorant and the people of immorality and corruption.

It felt: he was dead and I accept it from the wash repent of sins.

It felt: that is alive has died, an issue on a bed or a coffin, or the like, it connects to the service of the Sultan or his representative considers it good and benefit.

It felt: that the king of his country had died, it shows the destruction of that country.

It felt: that in the throes of death and it unjust tendencies of leg for himself to the verse, “If you could see when the wrongdoers in the throes of death.” It was said that it was the religion of the death of God with him, and hope it travels and the travel was thrown down by his wealth or go home and change his residence.

It felt: that he died, he saw death visually and by the dead, it is corruption in his religion and please his goodness what has not been buried, the burial was God’s repentance, but to see that he lived and went out from the grave then he repents and improves the condition of the verse, “or was dead Vahaenah “.

It felt: that he died and did not see himself as a house, the dead are thrown down and out of them.

It felt: that he died and then lived it travels away and then travel back to the verse, “not seen those who came out of their homes and are warned of thousands of death.”

It felt: he was dead and carry on the necks of men, it affects the authority is implemented and ordered him to be in the Sultan Artdall some have followed his funeral, but please spoil his religion and his righteousness unless subsequently buried.

It felt: he was dead did not see the graves and funeral shroud is not crying, this comfort to his vision of them is in it.

It felt: it coiled as he wraps his death the deceased.

It felt: that is alive has died and then lived it bounce We seek refuge with Allaah from that. It was of the view that the imam died, it occurs in the religion of the seer corruption.

It felt: it is taken away in honor of the insulation.

It felt: that his parents died, it is a worldly and go spoil the same, though students from the afterlife for his failure.

It felt: that his brother died, he was sick, the death or the death of one of its aspects, though not his brother and saw that it is at in two ways: either to die or go get his money and was told one of his eyes, or one of his hands.

It felt: that his wife died, it Teixd industry that caused them. It was a vision of death is a great regret, it is believed that he died and then lived it commits and then repents to the verse, “Lord of our nation-two Ahyitna Vaatervna our sins.” It was of the opinion that he died of the disease is not of the body dies, the old long.

It felt: that anyone who accepted his vigilance in telling him that he is never dead, it kills the sake of God and be alive after that verse, “Think not of those killed in the way of Allah as dead, but alive,” the verse.

It felt: that he died and rotted death fulfilled the conditions worldly affairs.

It felt: that the Imam died, the country that often result in corruption, and possibly spoil.

It felt: that the death took place in the year it is known there is a fire.

It felt: that his wife is dead, it dispense money and benefit from the solution.

It felt: that he died naked, it lacks very poorest.

It felt: he was dead and put on a high place or something Mpsot it receives the elevation and rest, and probably received the good of his family.

It felt: as if the place is dead and cut off not only good, but is absent it has come to him experience the corruption of religion.

It felt: that his son died, it is relieved of his enemy.

It felt: as if his son died he despair of joy.

It felt: that he died suddenly, it affects them and mines from where it is hoped that.

It felt: that they are pregnant has died giving birth to a boy a boy and go get him and by him the benefit of, and perhaps death is indicated on the divorce.

It felt: that he died and his wife in preparing it fired. It was of the opinion that he had died and he married, it charms.

It felt: he died or his partner band, it is located between them.

It felt: that the man known to have died when he was lamenting him and declares that it is a disaster for both.

It felt: that someone died and people remembered it well be welcome in his home state of doing or in the works.

It felt: that he died when he gathered the people on their actions let him look at that and said to die on a fad or travel travel does not return it. It was of the opinion that it affects up dead money is haraam.

It felt: that the dead drag on the ground he commits a sin.

It felt: that the attached Pfasag dead animals, it kills harmful.

It felt: that the transfer of dead to the cemetery it works right.

It felt: that he was transferred to the market received the dead and died of his business needs.

It felt: it was taken up dead to the prayer-it causes the good to a man who corrupt religion.

It felt: as if he died, an issue on the dirt or something like that than be in the assets of expression reflects the money to get money on it anyway.

Ibn Sirin said: death, poverty and hardship, it is believed that he died, a grief it is indigestion in the world and doom in the Hereafter, but he jubilantly declared for the best .

It felt: that the world has died, it indicates the invalidity of science and law that place.

It felt: that none of the people of innovation and misguidance, has died, it increasingly tyrannical, but it lacks because he committed it.

It felt: that the sentinel is dead it shall be construed in two ways: for the fear and the death of the governor.

It felt: The workmanship that has died, it indicates the recession created.

It felt: that the servant or slave or servant has died it is a lack of Ibhth unless it has stopped some other things.

It felt: that his friend had died Faúl in two ways: either the seer dies or loses his friend.

It felt: that something of the animal has died, a lying, it was of a tusk or claw it shows the nail enemies, especially if the harmful kind be reported to the nail, and perhaps indicated by the security and safety.

It felt: that the beast is dead there is nothing good in it, though he has other is lighter.

It felt: that the old man has died is unknown, it indicates that the grandfather does not produce anything from him, which meant it was found.

It felt: that the unidentified woman was dead, the worldly disrupted.

It felt: that something of the animal was dead and knew Rate it crosses so as to match the assets of expression which his example, if seven or elephant Faúlan Sultan, said the elephant construed throw a huge cat and mouse Bas thief is measured, it is probably the female of all women and boys, men and needs in to consider and hopes, even if we explained the meaning of each one alone for a long explanation.

Ibn Sirin said: The death of the boy safe from the enemy and for the legacy and the death of the girl is back on the pleasure and the death of a parent due to confuse the living and the death of the mother does not reach to the purposes and get them and sadness .

It felt: that none of his relatives died, it is a decrease in the ability and the death of a good wife and the death of pregnant women in the very quality and goodness to them.

Washing vision

Of the opinion that it washes dead man on his hands turn to corrupt religion.

It felt: that the dead wash himself it is evidence of his family out of worries and an increase in the money.

The vision Amotzl originally construed Naffa dealer survives because of people from the worry or an honest man to repent his folks corrupting .

It felt: that Fidel bather on the rise and out of his worries.

The vision of pure water washing of the dead Fidel Salah religion and piety.

It felt: dead people and asking for his washing and they find that it shows that the perpetrator of the sins of the dead and the people Ydlewnh to do good but does not affect him.

It felt: wash the dead, including washing does not solve it by the corrupt man preached a religion that is not no meaning or usefulness of his mind and does not accept that.

It felt: wash it with some impurities it is a corrupt religion and the corruption of religion increasingly tyrannical and misguided. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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