Vision of demolition

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of demolition

Of the opinion that it destroys the minaret is not what Mahmoud was not in the minaret, a mile or fall.

It felt: it destroys the Kaaba in Islam, it invents a heresy.

It felt: it destroys mosques or mosque in Islam it seeks corruption and the appearance of trials and tribulations.

It felt: it destroys it causes the palace to the king Baloveh, and perhaps get his damage.

It felt: it destroys a church or a monastery or a silo or the like, it would be a severe against disbelievers, and gets them from harm, and probably existed in the religion of Islam.

It felt: it destroys a house or a house or shops or obsolete and so it receives a lot of good.

It felt: it destroys something that is new, it affects them and sorrow.

It felt: that his home Anhedmt it dies or some person by the owner or disaster affects a large accident or heinous.

And the vision of the demolition of the forts and towers interpret a lack of religion and an imbalance in the living .

And the vision of the demolition of arches is construed committing heinous damage to get him arrogant group, and perhaps corrupt in religion .

And the vision of the destruction of the house and shop, and so construed money and decrease error in the tasks of this world .

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