Seeing The Vision of dinars In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of dinars In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of dinars In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of dinars

The dinars, said Daniel saw that his hand dinars more than four in number, it gets his hatred of something or hear words, and difficult for him as much as the large number of dinars, and if the number of dinars known to be focusing a little bit.

And Ibn Sirin: If the number of dinars five, it indicates to do something that would be acceptable, and if they have a one Dinar so as not to be large or small it is construed House, a small well, and if he had with him a hundred dinars, or a thousand dinars, it is construed obtaining knowledge test but if number of pairs not individuals .

It felt: that he gave dinars to one dinar or it is lost it shows to go as far as the science of it so that the dinar is not more nor less.

It felt: that he had found Dinara it shows a disaster because of the boy, and if they win a lot of dinars tired and exhausted.

The dinars Vomanat lead to the verse, “from The Bakntar Aadh trust him with you.”

It felt: in his hand five dinars, it indicates the establishment of five prayers, and the lost of his hand Vtaoelh otherwise, but lost two of which it shows to waste two times and measured it and found dinars many and put them in the position of arbitrator, it indicates the conservation of the Secretariat of the Muslims.

It felt: it hits dinars it exhibits in the statutes on their conditions and the right of the people leading them.

It felt: as if he divides it among the people of dinars enjoin what is good.

It felt: he found it written by JD certificate for the secretariat performed a him, and probably a lot of people felt that it struck dinars Faisiba awake as he had seen.

It felt: that his dinars on a face to the name of God and the Hereafter, that image was a Muslim turned away from his religion, although it delivers an infidel, and was told if the number of five dinars indicate the five prayers.

It felt: that he gave of dinars to one or lost it or sold or stolen, it indicates the disappearance of worry and distress.

It felt: that he had taken of dinars to four in number, or has been given or bought, it shows the wealth and splendor and the high degree of women before, and perhaps by that found in their wake.

It felt: he hit JD in the dust in his hand he took Vmapt obtaining it are interpreted by the mother and then pass away. It was the vision of one dinar shows a good man to tell the Arabs: of so and so was born like JD, but from the people of corruption, it entrusted the money and betray it to the verse, “and some of them that trust him with a dinar not Aadh to you only as long as it exists.” And possibly shown to see if the dinar was engraved on hate him for what of those who care about his family or his command.

It felt: that the dead gave him the dinars of injustice, but if he wanted to give him and did not take something from him that wrongs should beware.

It felt: that the dead and the promise it wants Bdnanar injustice.

It felt: that JD hit a cropped or missing in the weight of God is going to understand.

It felt: that the JD Vqlbha his hand and whispers to her criticism of the metal is gold in color and it is impossible to interpret because of the accession to imagine they get then there is the fact that imagination and ordered it to be attributed to him what that metal in the expression of knowledge assets.

It felt: that casting dinars it is construed that he worried increased energetic, and perhaps a palace in his goodness and collected if they are from one to five and was wasting the dinar indicates missing prayers of the report narrated from the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him that a man came and said: O Messenger of God saw the As I believe I was sleeping twenty-four dinars Vdiatha did not pour a few of which are four, he said: You are a man who lost groups and pray alone and dinars large secretariats and certificates of science and the state. It was a vision of dinars construed in two ways: if an individual, whether many or few, which has no end to the five Bmahmodh is not, and if the pair Vtúl religion pure and beneficial knowledge. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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