Seeing The Vision of dirhams In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of dirhams In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of dirhams In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of dirhams

As for DH, it devolves on the faces according to the different foul because a lot of people if they saw in a dream of dirhams gets him awake by what he saw. It was of the opinion AED hear the words Well, it standardized or God, especially if the new DH White, and if the images are black and they indicate the war and rivalry and dirhams Asahah indicate the correct and broken the news of which indicates a lie.

It felt: that he gave his dirhams in a bag or pouch or bundle it in words, speak with him and keep his secret hidden.

The small dirhams indicative of a young child.

But felt that he lost it so it gets a little dirham his grief and hardship because of that child, though he found him after he lost Vizul that sadness, though it did not find the child travels the world and the fake show of dirhams on gossip .

It felt: DH at stake, it indicates the emergence of enemies as much as those of dirhams, dirhams and was told if they are in the country, they show good words and broken words of dirhams dirhams sparse and big money are many.

It felt: it is divided between the dependents dirhams, it indicates the latter is the occurrence of the Government, including, but broken to indicate the occurrence of words is in force between them.

It felt: in the wholesale home Dirhams as much as he gets his money.

It felt: that Draham collecting many shows they keep people on their rights to the verse, “collecting money and the number is” verse.

It felt: AED white in his hand, it indicates that for a son.

It felt: he found the bundle of dirhams it gets lawful money and a great boon.

It felt: AED AED interpreted it white black.

It felt: AED AED find it black and white people to find like what he saw.

It felt: that he has rejected many dirhams if it goes bankrupt merchant, farmer, though it produces a useful, though it isolates the property from his property and is located in discounts and lack of dirhams because those are called penny Wlosa and derive from bankruptcy.

It felt: that the king gave him the dirhams, it interpreted the accession grief, especially if the latter is dirhams were not horses.

It felt: it hit the Click it affects a woman or ongoing.

It felt: that he entered Gara and hit the click of his wife or other women Tmkr it.

It felt: that his dirhams unknown in any of the vessels it Acetktm Istoda secret or money or baggage should fear God in his performance.

It felt: that he paid it to others or to put one’s money in secret.

It felt: that he had found Dirhams, the eggs were laid bare by the Railway King and just at that time, they shall devolve on the AED obtaining as much as you saw. It was of the opinion that he gave it dirhams horses soft cry on him, but he paid Dirhams to one cried it.

It felt: he lost his dirhams, or stolen from him and his son cry it affects or hated him.

It felt: that the dirham with him, have him or remove him went forth irreversible, it shall be construed in two ways: either the death of his son or harmful for them to honor the death.

It felt: he divides his property, it was with those inferred by the good he married his son in his family or his property, dividing them in righteousness and goodness, and that is indicated to the contrary, it ordered him to disperse and condition of life or death.

It felt: that his bag may rupture and went from the bottom of it was when it accrues to the death because the bag behind his body and his wife’s money.

It felt: that the money in the bag termite it shows his death because it indicated the death of Solomon.

It felt: it has the capacity of the people of many dirhams and he is confident it is construed by the four major aspects: change and the fall of his case and the death of Iegelh be unjust or Ventqm it.

It felt: he needs to AED is required is not easy to find them or found them it shows the stability of the reform of religion and in good condition because the good people Galbhm be narrow in living.

It felt: he was struck dirhams, it was his wife pregnant, it gives birth to a boy, and that was between him and a quarrel he hears the word satisfaction from him, though bankrupt, it affects what will benefit them, especially if the devout.

It felt: Eddh dirhams on tight, it construed the acquisition of craft.

It felt: that the man on his dirhams horses, the latter is it the right certificate, and asked him out, they demand it of him, though the latter is a response by the horses is the establishment of a certificate.

In all, the vision of dirhams Asahah construed a century and a face: the words correctly and eliminate the need and the mandate of the capital sum and a friend and a son and companion, and Rizk wide and security and the purchase of ongoing and access a reality in alertness, especially if the vision is the secret, and if it is hidden as it shows beatings, imprisonment and distress and sadness.

The DH Vtúl broken on three aspects: the words correctly and dispute distressed and saddened, and under the custody and dirhams as bad as mention of the money comes in and she called his dismissal . Dream Interpretation in Islam

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