Seeing The Vision of donkeys In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of donkeys In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of donkeys In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of donkeys

 It devolves on the ways:

Daniel said: vision ass fortune and high rank, especially the knees and decorated and Chinh construed luck seer .

 It felt: a donkey is the kingdom of God opens the doors of his good works and demonstrates the salvation of worry and grief.

 It felt: it shows many donkeys to increase his wealth and his grace and the finest donkeys in a donkey vision obedient to its owner a lot.

And a vision of grace and donkey meat wealth of trade and money .

 It felt: he killed his donkey and eat of his flesh, it indicates to store his wealth, and tight living and was said to indicate to eat haraam wealth.

 It felt: he rode a donkey and died beneath it, and fell from him, it shows he died quickly.

 It felt: that the donkey was dead passengers was not at the time of his death, it shows a narrow and Tekas living conditions.

 It felt: he fell on his ass for it shows lack of harm and the law of one of the objects.

 It felt: that he got off his donkey for an important act of his knees and then it shows Tasir mission and its proceedings, and after spending.

 It felt: that he had taken his donkey with a donkey last it shows the changing conditions.

 It felt: he had bought the donkey did not give a price for it indicates that it is better because of the word spoken by someone with great destiny.

 It felt: that the one-eyed donkey or weak looking, then it shows the weakness of his affairs in the works and the application of living.

 It felt: that the donkey had my uncle, it indicates a lack of money.

 It felt: that the guilt of his donkey and many had long hair and it shows the large number of his followers.

 It felt: that the donkey had died and rode on a donkey or last sold and bought a donkey last it shows change their living from event to event.

 It felt: that the donkey has become the mule it shows for money and benefit from the travel destination, and became a horse it shows for the benefit and livelihood and living by the Sultan of injustice and aggression, and that saw him become a sheep it shows for money and a blessing from the face of old, though he saw became a bird, it indicates money and living from the face of evidence in the interpretation of this bird, and saw him become Sonora it shows for money and living from the face of theft, and Sidon became the earned may be haraam.

 It felt: that the donkey had stolen it shows the corruption of his wife and her divorce from him.

 It felt: a strong donkey in pregnancy, it indicates to earn money facilitation and facilitate actions, but felt otherwise Vddh.

 It felt: he carried a heavy burden on his donkey and rode it, it shows the increase of money and wealth without end or limit.

 It felt: that ass on his back lifted upward by the shelter or by the river except it shows the power of possibility and the high rank and turnout was said was not in the vision of despicable ass of his voice and denied to the verse, “that denied the vote to the voice of donkeys.”

 It felt: it is a donkey, a passenger Anehg it shows bad attitude and his dependents Hnaathm.

 It felt: a donkey fell from high, it indicates the death of the seer.

 It felt: a donkey does not know who is it indicates a lack of knowledge of his money.

 It felt: he traded a horse or donkey, mule, it indicates that for principal and interest of the Sultan.

 It felt: that he swapped his ass monster of the monster it shows get better than an unjust king.

 It felt: that he swapped his donkey with some sheep, it shows the grace and obtain booty.

 It felt: that he swapped his donkey Btir it shows get better and on the amount of the benefit of as much as the bird, said to the donkey energetic man and his grandfather as you saw him fat or Mhezwla Vsmonh and classed richness and expanded the weakness and poverty and narrow.

 It felt: seven donkey became the sultan of which more than his or her honor and distinction Egyptian ass a valid proxy. It was of the opinion that he struggled ass hit some of his relatives.

 It felt: like a donkey, carrying God’s strength to carry. It was said of the passengers saw that it was a donkey Mtoaa Bougherra or someone else, and enter his house or linked to the Almighty God drives him good and happy and grow upright and hear his voice distressed evils.

 It felt: that he has a donkey or donkeys he frequently revered good and happiness.

 The donkey, it is thought that came to us rode it affects the good and the pool.

 It felt: that it carried the Otana construed obtaining Aamlh please.

 It is it considers that: that the Otana incapable of be carried in the rise of obstacle or passport birth pangs of or non-so it construed weakness of his ability with requested by from worldly affairs.

 It felt: that Otana carry on his back until he was out where it wanted the power of alone in his application and favorable living.

 It is it considers that: that he hit the Otana even arrived to where the I like it up to what requested by the du’aa and take advantage, albeit beating him Mjaoz Qadr it decrease than what is in it.

 It felt: that Otana died and his companion, it was construed by his death.

 It felt: that he came to us has been damaged or sold them or got them or Hazelt or weakened, this indicates that the entire loss, poverty, and was told donkey server and dirty woman.

 It felt: that it Otana Ashra construed as male.

 It felt: that he came to milk a donkey it fall ill, illness, and was told to drink it, and was told it came to us from behind a woman marry, but had a donkey and mule, it affects a child of adultery. It was from his donkey saw Ashra it is construed to be obtaining and increasing the good and Lefort cypress. The donkeys are the colors of ways:

Sadd and tidy black and pleasure and power, and white pride, prestige and the enthusiasm and tidy and the grace and pleasure and joys, and vegetables to a devout get him, and reds and comfortable to live and walk .

 In all, the vision of donkeys construed ten ways: Bakht and the State and ordered the entry into force of the presidency and money, women, and current and Izz joy and the enthusiasm of a mattress. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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