Vision of drinking medicine

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of drinking medicine

Of the opinion that he drank the drug because of disease and it was agree with him it shows his religion, Salah, though not agree with it the demise of religion, Salah.

It felt: it makes the drug for people, it improves them.

It felt: it is a drug drink and got down by diarrhea plus it shows the power for harm, but otherwise shall be good and beneficial.

It felt: that he take medicine and still his mind he gets his Faraj of sorrow and said to each drink yellow color is evidence of the disease and all the medicine easy food and drink is a testament to cure disease and avoid right what will harm him, though distasteful Restaurant hardly Esegh is evidence of the disease followed by a walking innocent.

Vision and drinks that are easy to drink is a poor fit for the vision of what the cause of wellness and unfit for essential because it is not covered except in time of need of a difficult disease to have to drink it .

The vision is good Suwaiq and a guide to travel in obedience to God.


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