Vision of drugs used for the members and processors

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of drugs used for the members and processors

The eye treatment indicative of Saladin.

The kohl to cure deprives worldly matters.

The snuff Fidel on the severity of anger.

The good fat Altmartia Fetina good and bad fat Fetina ugly, and was originally g fat.

It felt: as if taken from a bottle of fat to grease or paint or other unctuous it Halv lying or gossip of the verse, “and if born should compromise.”

Fat and demonstrates the vision of deception and flattery. It was as if he saw the fat from his head even exceeded the amount on the face and asked it to get worried and distressed, but did not exceed the amount of information is the decoration. It was of the opinion that his face painted it fast man a lifetime .

It felt: none of the employers’ treatment and it was good looks Mahmoud, though Ddh Vddh and God knows best.

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