Vision of eggs


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of eggs

The hens, construed ways:

Kirmani said: Balnsoh to interpret the verse, “as if they were eggs guarded” and the large white dirhams construed that this exceeded the four eggs.

It felt: it has a chicken Badt construed obtaining ongoing born of a woman or dirty.

It felt: white unknown does not know of any bird, it is construed Btzuge woman beauty as much as those of good egg.

It felt: that he made an egg to eat it for money tired, especially if you eat them.

It felt: Brste eggs and eat it in order to interpret the request and protracted woman with him.

And the vision of raw eggs haraam wealth to those who eat it distressed and the trouble and eat eggs veneers construed eating haraam wealth to others.

It felt: it hit the eggs and he ate and left Akecorh Busth what it is construed in two ways: eat the dead or taking money Okfanahm. It was a vision all devolve eggs at the request of several women and be careful on women.

It felt: it is a bird sitting on eggs, it shows that he and failure with women.

It felt: that chick came out of the eggs it shows for the benefit of the children of these women.

The woman saw that she came into egg it shows the boy was born to get it to disbeliever says, “and come out dead from the living.”

It felt: he put an egg under the bird and the bird out of the egg chicks it shows it works to revive the dead and was alive and born a believer.

It felt: that the egg is broken it takes Bakara girl.

It felt: it is delivered otherwise Vddh.

It felt: that the eggs with him a lot for it shows a lot of money from corruption.

And the vision of white ducks and geese construed male child with despicable.

And the vision of birds eggs construed goodness and joy.

In all, the vision of white construed to nine aspects: Born and household money and Izz and rank and asked to get need for mortgage and Murad and ongoing.

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