Vision of fasting and mushrooms


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of fasting and mushrooms

Of fasting, it saw that it was proper to speak of religion, and a little while does not concern him.

It felt: it does what is not permissible for the fasting person it a lack of religion.

It felt: that he will fast and then broke his fast in his time hit in the religious and worldly good and they had a wide and went with him worry and fear.

It felt: it is fast in the time it lies or backbite about people, and perhaps indicated by the illness or travel to the verse, “you saw it then let him fast the month and whoever is ill or on a journey,” the verse.

In all, the vision of fasting construed to ten aspects: the extent and health of the principality and the rank of repentance and grace and increase nail pilgrimage Izz was born.

It felt: that he intentionally breaks the fast he gets tired of traveling and get him the scourge.

It felt: it is fast forgetting it shows get old livelihood.

It felt: he fasted two months, he repents of his sins.

It felt: he fasted voluntarily, it will be safe from the disease, and was perhaps shown a vision of fasting on health for saying peace be upon him: Fast when you wake up.

It felt: he fasted consecutive year he repents or Hajj.

It felt: that fast of Ashura, it is relieved of worry and grief.

It felt: that in the month of fasting has shown his vision to high price and lack of food, and perhaps showed his vision on the health of his religion and his release from the worries and the healing of diseases and eliminate debt.

It felt: as if he fasted the month of Ramadan to break the fast, if in doubt it is to come to him as the statement says, “a guidance for mankind and clear proofs of guidance and the Criterion.”

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