Vision of fats


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of fats

It devolves on the ways:

Daniel said: fats accrue money and grace, and may devolve by inheritance and fats such as putting on fat and fat balm and Lily Ohbhma accrue to science and wisdom, and was fat balm construed benefit of the senior companions.

The fat jasmine Faúl obtaining the benefit of the Indians.

The Violet Faúl usefulness of fat from the peasants.

The fat and fat lilies Alnalover Faúlan benefit of senior companions.

The Fat Tulips Faúl benefit of the Arabs.

It felt: contaminated body fat, it construed the disease.

It felt: that fat head without the extravagance of it shows Accessories.

It felt: that he painted his mustache and chest, his right hand, he interpreted false.

In all, the vision of good fat smell construed to six aspects: a beautiful woman and ongoing beauty and praise of good and benefit of the good and the words and sense of humor.

Vision and smell bad fat of any kind shall be construed in three ways: a woman and a man of punk obscene and ugly words.

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