Seeing The Vision of feces In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of feces In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of feces In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of feces

It devolves on the faces of many and for expressing a difference, and Adduha all of whom spoke little and remember what they said originally and then Nfra say all of them stools haraam wealth and livelihood of the injustice and the joy of cutting through the obscene and angry at his wife and a sin and sickness and regret and shame, and reveal something hidden and betrayal and a fine and the destruction and misery and charge The product of orchard and charity they are distressed and Menksh and benefit, divorce and so on.

It felt: that it craps out of it money, though in the washroom and careful and it looks like him than it is at the expense of its benefits, though in Midhat came out of a felony or a fine, though in dress or in the vessels came out because of a woman, but on the way out in damage and go, but in a valley or river come out at the hands of Sultan or ruler sedition or raid, but shit underneath it and feel around it lack of money was not unnoticed by his partner and his family, and was told the event rigid if it comes out of the man goes away from the money a capacity, albeit I went and asked the illness, although the semi-mud virginity and has cut it infects them and fear of a Sultan, the event was now, it gets sick or accused of charges.

It felt: that when people saw it the latest in Evtdh smitten by the Sultan.

It felt: that collection Gaúta that it was the owner of said orchard and resulted in his garden, although it has a role Mstglatha collection, even if the Sultan collect money from the levy or the like, though a poor collection of money from a charity.

It felt: that the latest thing of the animal, there are two: paradox, born and expression in that what he loved or hated.

It felt: it combines Gaúta or am saving or brought to him or he looked upon it from the oppression of livelihood, although it is ordinary people do not have the ability to injustice from the face of it is forbidden, may be a respite from the cloud, even if the vision of a rich lead ALMS.

It felt: that is emerged from the faeces of two ways: fear of the Sultan and a fine of passengers and cut the road.

It felt: that the latest event in a place he spent his money in his desire, though the place is unknown haraam money spent goodness itself is the reward not Hamad.

It felt: it is the latest in clothes made obscene.

It felt: it is the latest in Sraoelh angry at him his wife and told his wife on the anger and oppression.

It felt: it is the latest in position and cover it with soil it is buried money.

But felt as if the same happened later on in sin .

But felt like a disease later on his bed, a long illness, and perhaps his wife died .

It felt: it eats Gaúta it affects the money haram hates taking Vaiglb by greed with regret, and perhaps speak words obscene and regret it and everything comes out of the stomachs of men and beasts of Alerwat it money but what was eaten his flesh Vroth money old and what is not eaten meat Vroth haraam wealth .

It felt: that animals defecate, if it is advisable that children born to him what was Mantha horses indicated the girl was recalling what is indicated on the child.

It felt: he sat on the dung, it affects the money from his relatives, and was probably on the legacy. It was the vision of human faeces and haraam wealth of animal manure in two ways: either the animal which is eaten his flesh inclined from gain or booty or tribute or rent out or charity, or what is being done or gift.

The animal that can not be eaten his flesh, whether a tooth or claw from haraam inclined dark side.

It felt: that contamination with faeces, a high place in it for money, though he hates the place down it reaches the point of damaging the governor. It was the vision of feces if he is what he hates to be vigilant in it are distressed, and perhaps be hated or what should not. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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