Seeing The Vision of fish In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of fish In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of fish In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of fish

Which is on aspects of:

Kabarha booty and met the concerns of young Kabarha and small funds it .

It felt: that he baited it affects the thicker soft money from the face of a solution. It was of the opinion that he hit a whale and he ate it, it affects the apple of the eye and hear the words like.

It felt: he hit the fish, which eat it when people hate to sell it infects a feud with Osarh. It was the vision of fresh fish accrue to women.

It felt: that it is spent grilling whale facts in circumcision, or childbed.

It felt: he hit a rotten fish he ate them and leave the good of eaten it comes and leaves the haram halal.

It felt: a fish in front of him he eats them Fsharkh Fleihters one of his wife.

It felt: a whale in the pool or a pond fluctuates when it is interpreted by man is bad treatment not only relieved him right hard and tired.

It felt: a whale, opening his mouth, it is construed in prison.

It felt: Hutin in a bowl or the lack of it is construed in the two men participants Vlienbar seer is the owner of this vessel.

It felt: that he hit in the belly of a fish it is construed Pearl was born of a woman’s access to it.

It felt: that split cavity of a fish appeared to seal it construed glory and the state.

It felt: it is a fish out of it come to him as a girl, and was told if I came out of Ahalilh, daughter, and if I came out of his mouth the words, assignee, and that came out of the anus is no good in it. It was the vision of the fish in hot places calamity and hardship and in cold areas interpreted Ddh.

It felt: that in the belly of a fish other fish, it marries a woman who is found to combine two fish he married two women and fat salted fish grilled construed to travel to seek knowledge or the company of senior companions, especially for those who eat it, but not salted roasted it indicates a lack of Salah al-seer and the death descend it was told to eat fish is not good because the bones of more than meat.

It felt: he caught a great fish does not see it the largest of them marry a rich woman of the household. It was the vision of fresh grilled fish show to show proof of the story of Jesus to the verse, “God revealed to us a table from heaven,” said the commentators table, grilled fish, and was told that if a woman sees a fish out of her vagina, it devolves Balbnt. But felt it went out of her mouth, they are distressed and saddened her.

It felt: that he caught fish from the sea, for it shows that as much as a blessing.

It felt: he sells the fish it shows for good and benefit of himself and his family.

It felt: that the fish come out of the well channel it shows to get money from the general public and hated the trick.

It felt: that the fish of the sea spoke with him it indicates to disclose the secret of the king.

The Almmermahij it shows the order filled denier obscene.

In all, the vision of fish construed to six aspects: The Minister and the Lashkar-e-Bakr, and a girl booty distressed and ongoing Indian. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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