Vision of foreclosure



Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of foreclosure

The mortgage, it shall be construed in two ways: either need or greed, it is felt that no one has a mortgage, it needs something to him.

It felt: that it acquires under the same sins of the verse, “Every soul will be held hostage.”It was not good in the foreclosure of some of what he said he wanted to live clean, no nothing and mortgage lending.

Vision of travel and moving

With regard to traveling and moving For ways:

It is felt that travels, and he knows that place which goes to the best of this place, which is him and leave him to it indicates the improvement of the situation and to get his hopes.

Though he knew that the place which is where the best of this place which is designed to resolve Vtobeirh against him.

Even if He knows best and does not know which resides in his Boehma it shows untargeted and after their homeland and relatives or moving from house to house, or one filed or deposited, or a change conditions Dahrh and then correct the same.

It felt: that traveling passengers and full reasons enough for himself and it shows the regularity conditions and to get his hopes, though otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

It felt: that it travels a patient dies.

It felt: he took the increased travel, it has made good on him “and equipped themselves with the best provision is piety” and the best travel in a dream as possible to the Qiblah.

Travel and vision to the people of righteousness and glory construed relieve worries and booty for saying peace be upon him: Ngnamwa traveled, Imam Shafi’i has said may Allah be pleased with him for some of his companions felt righteous:

The large number of staying in the house … so make use of humiliation does not trip Ttans

As you see the water in the Gulf Zlala … If long-waited Atdens

Corruption and the people’s access construed torment for saying peace be upon him: a piece of travel of the torment.

In all, the vision of travel in a dream construed in two ways: to move from place to place and from event to event.

Vision of Aviation

The Aviation and stability they Aúlan the ways:

It is felt that a bird fly from place to place, it indicates the travel and the high amount of height from the ground in flight.

It felt: he flew to the sky, it would get him sooner harmful, but did not come down from the flight it shows Arthalh of the world.

It felt: it fly without feathers it changes from event to event.

It felt: that fly from the surface to another surface, it is called his wife and marry with other ongoing or buy.

It felt: he flew to the sky, it indicates the pilgrimage.

It felt: he flew to the abode of irresistible character unknown it shows him Fletb near to God.

It felt: that he has wings does not look like bird’s wings it gets it’s great so that people marvel at him.

It felt: that he fly to the sky, then down to the ground so that it is sick to death and oversees healed, God willing.

And told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said to him: I like to fly in the sky and the earth, said to him, You are a man abound semen.

It felt: as if he flew over Mount it in the state meet him where the King, and fell on something got that thing, but did not fit with the mandate has shown his vision that sick supervised in his illness to death or is it an error in his religion and aviation shows on the travel if the wing , but not wing it to move from event to event, but what was in flight inadvertently gained in his good.

It felt: that he flew from land to land gained strength.

It felt: he flew to a height of wn without the wing got his wish and rose as much as Ola.

It felt: like a flying dove flew as obtained blamed.

It felt: as if he flew until he left in an atmosphere of heaven, it dies.

It felt: that fly from place to place and was flying a presentation, it goes to the subject has never been attempted or travel travel and obtain the elevation of as much as Astaly from the ground while flying Faúl wishful thinking if it was felt much, and the flight to the people of righteousness Faúl application of science and the amount of which as much as Astalaih and the people of immorality and corruption of evil the request and others may request is too it.

It felt: that he flew an elevator to get it flat as much damage to him and his rise Astalaih, and settled than that concluded from aviation harm.

It felt: it flies, standing in his place, it affects the good and what was the best flight to Mecca.

It felt: it flew and then settled the place known construed it to cut travel if there is some, but not when it must travel and access to safe place he wants.

It felt: that he flew a passenger, if the position is the paradox of that office, if not it is a paradox which is the Almighty, and flew with him Almarkob in the book as it is, and that is what stabilized the knee on the ground is for Izz.

Vision of divorce

Which is on aspects of:

It is felt that it divorces his wife, to dispense with the verse, “and that they separate from both Wigan God capacity.” It was said that the owner of this vision die boss because women with Kidd, like kings, and was told that his vision was a position he must be removed.

It felt: that he divorced his wife a divorce, it absolutely does not intend to leave his job back in it.

It felt: that he divorced his wife and then the cave, it would be keen to review the jealousy at crossings shall devolve diligence.

It felt: that he divorced his wife was not with the other it away for his honor and his pride, or approaching him, If he has other women or slaves, it decreases it.

It felt: that he divorced his wife, one shot and his wife was ill and the sick one recovers from his illness, and divorce was the death of Fidel in three patients. It was of the opinion that he called his wife, he admonishes his friend severely blamed or accused on charges.

It felt: that he divorced his wife and was a student of the Hereafter, it is cut off from the world and operates in the Hereafter.

In all, the vision of a divorce on the seven aspects: richness of the above verse and the paradox of a partner and the isolation of the post and disable wheel and money and go get something he wants if he hated women and a man quarreling



Vision contact

Of the opinion that it comes into contact with his wife and delights, so it would be loving it, but did not find that the opposite is the thrill.

It felt: that money comes into contact with it permissible for him to commit to be distasteful. It was of the opinion that it comes into contact with one test him, because touching a five senses. It was of the opinion that he who loves him is touching pleasure.

And opinion is that it comes into contact with it ejaculates for Mourad, probably willingly entertain.

It felt: it was revealed yesterday, and he shall wash his vision invalidated it as progress of the work of Satan and God knows best what is right.

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