Seeing The Vision of fracture In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of fracture In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of fracture In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of fracture

Of the opinion that he had broken a thing of the things it is harmful for the loss of as much as it is difficult that the thing or its value, though it is effective to get him to other Valmdharh and expression are also provided.

It felt: that he had broken a member of its members, it shall be construed to be attributed to that member, we have explained each member and attributed to him in the chapter members.

It felt: that breaking any kind of entertainment it is the reform of the event and avoidance of sin and repentance from acts reprehensible and everything was good for religion and the world Vksrh blameworthy and everything was otherwise Vksrh Mahmoud and was told what he is doing to break the pomp of kings of clubs is not Mahmoud.

It felt: he broke a branch from a tree, it hurts the king was born, whether by words or actions and is said to break the branch of tree death was born the king or a relative so that the amount of objects on the amount of the branch.

It felt: it breaks the stone, it cracked the heart of man a hypocrite callous to the verse, “They are like stone or more severe.”

It felt: that it breaks the sword above the man.

It felt: that it breaks the wood above the hypocrites and the people who said to break the stage victory and nail.

It felt: that it breaks the wood above the people who speak Baltmama and break their words.

It felt: it breaks the bones of a well known it is a victory in his money, and breaking the bones is unknown, it goes out of his money.

It felt: that it breaks the iron for strength and great pomp.

And opinion is that it breaks things Saria it crashes dealer told the owner of goods and other things that come in his class and was replaced at the mention of boats and machinery.

It felt: he broke a bit of metal, the kind that likes to Universal access them, and that kind there is nothing wrong than disparaging him and said to the demise of scrap gold and broken are the essence of corruption in doctrine.

It felt: that Maona or break the comfort level to what it attributed to him things that will come in the chapters mentioned baggage and barges.

It felt: that breaking the medallion or lunar, it hurts a woman.

The vision of breaking Altjut and family for a disaster it is headed in the right.

The vision of breaking teeth Faúl on everything attributed to him that age as provided in the chapter members.

As women entered the vision to break the saddle in pomp, and was construed in women.

The vision of breaking centuries Faúl animals each category including attributed to him.

The vision of breaking the spear and the bow Faúlan in three ways: if the child reflects the strength and ability. It was the vision of breaking the machinery of war is not Mahmoud. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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