Vision of funk

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of funk

The funk it construed Calcndjab.

And the vision of his skin and hair and bone and the grace of money .

The vision of a strange man meat money .

It felt: that the king is obedient Venka it is accompanied by a rich man and gets him to his best advantage.

It felt: that he quarreled with him, it shows the strange man before him with a rich and nail for most of them.

It felt: he was killed Venka strip the skin and threw the meat on the ground, it indicates the destruction of money a strange man.

It felt: that stifle Venka and shed the blood of his neck he has sexual relations with a virgin under way.

It felt: he met him many VNC and got him the benefit of them it shows that debtors meet him and get him good and benefit of them, though that was not harmful to them it shows for harmful and evil adversaries.

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