Vision of fur items

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of fur items

The Sable it money and livelihood on the one hand because of pride, Mboshm, and the animal comes in is in his dismissal.

The Lynx money on the one hand, it is unfair to brutal man, and perhaps he hated to laying and bulkiness.

The Aers or usefulness of plaster it is interpreted on the one hand and have a rich woman as a result.

The counterpart is Alkbaih However, it is a rich woman, and was probably the one hand a solution.

The vision of a fox fur Faúl marries a woman deceiving slut if worn, and if money is not worn by the woman blamed for it.

The fur funk it for money on the one hand a woman a decent, though a bachelor, and saw that it was unequivocal that it marries ideals.

The fur pelican it construed obtaining money from the point of genuine folks, and perhaps women were not that good vision in the summer and winter because it gets from the crops of waterfowl and the best vision in fur Alqtat and the like of the animal out of what we have mentioned.

It felt: that Vruh burned or torn and distressed as he interpreted them and decrease capital, and was fur appearance of strength.

The fur of wild animals, foxes and sable Mahmoud is not being attributed to the darkness, and perhaps shown to prevail and after all is money, whether praise or not evil.

The vision of wearing fur upside down to show money is famous.

It felt: that he never wear fur in the days of winter, it construed the good and benefit in the days of summer, but his Bgm and fatigue.

It felt: that disarmament of the scalp in the days of winter, there is no goodness in it and remove it in the days of summer when Galbhm not harmful to the seer.

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