Vision of gambling


Interpretation of Al zahri



Vision of gambling

 And As for gambling, the predominates by knock-in which Kalshtranj, and was told gambling a dispute and feud and tired. It was the vision of gambling shall devolve on the four aspects of those who play it: the functioning of falsehood and sin and blame people, war and feud and surgery with a knife, and was told of the saw to avoid game, it indicates that it is on the verge of righteousness and goodness of the verse, “O ye who believe! Intoxicants and gambling,” the verse.

 It felt: he plays it was intended to do something or other of the book and thought the benefit of good Fletjunbh to the verse, “They ask you concerning wine and gambling say which is a great sin, and the benefits to people, but the sin is greater than benefit them,” and wanted facilitator gambling.

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