Vision of Gems

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Gems: (Jewel; Son. See Counting gems; Carnelian-red; Sapphire; Zircon)

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of Gems

The gems they accrue Balnsoh rich women with beauty and abundance without measure money. It was the vision of selling gems indicate women engage in things, and perhaps showed this vision to the women on the state of slaves.

If the woman saw that the other pierced and non pierced it Baath construed Bakr and previously married.

In all, the vision of essences construed eight aspects: Finance Mdkhor and science known was born unknown and something precious and beautiful woman Starh and the words of a useful and good, a blessing and an act of good if the seer of the people of righteousness, and if the people of corruption is a regret.

It felt: that its essence it is an understatement marry a woman.

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