Vision of God guard Mecca


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of God guard Mecca

Of the opinion that it is in Mecca to visit the Kaaba.

It felt: to be heading to Mecca because of trade do not visit it will be careful to love the world and is said to increase livelihood and grace.

It felt: that in the way of the Mecca pilgrimage God bless him.

It felt: that in Mecca, a worker asceticism and righteousness and worship gets him good and benefit of his religious and worldly affairs.

It felt: that the worker with evil and corruption that against it.

It felt: that inhabited Mecca gets his many blessings and grace and good money.

It felt: Mecca, so he is against him. It was felt that the road from Mecca, he was sick long illness, and may be near-term and fate to heaven.

It felt: that on the campus of Mecca, it is safe from the pests of the world to the verse, “Have they not seen us secure sanctuary, while people around them,” verse. Perhaps kicking pilgrimage.

It felt: in the sanctuary just a king known for his name of charity and good and do good, although the opposite is unjust, and was denied entry to the Sultan.

It felt: the Kaaba may see the Caliph or Sultan. It was of the view that has become his home and people visiting the Kaaba, it follows is that people need, and may be the imam of the group or kicking and good grace. It was said to see the Kaaba and the security of the Islam faith, though he saw it healed and the patient answered the du’aa ‘.

It felt: that he licked his face black stone or accepts it comes from the virtuous scholars and gain benefits from it.

It felt: that under the gutter Kaaba pilgrimage and spend it or need to visit the tomb of Prophet peace be upon him.

It felt: that in the Maqam Ibrahim Hajj and return it safely.

It felt: that on the surface of the Kaaba was to renounce Islam do likewise.

It felt: the Kaaba is the work of it in rituals in religion it is negligent.

It felt: that he toured the Ka’bah and the work it is a thing of the rituals Salah in his religion and worldly affairs as much as his work in the rituals.

It felt: that the future of the Kaaba constructive mode it is on the verge of Salah and his religion serves Denah or sultan.

It felt: that the lack of anything other than the rituals of the year, the event saw it in his religion.

It felt: the Kaaba at home, it would be a pride, dignity and the sanctity of a woman or marry a great amount of good people and pay.

It felt: the Kaaba is the lack of return on the caliph or imam.

It felt: that he entered the house, it is safe for the verse, “and his income was safe.”

In all, the vision of the Kaaba devolve on five aspects: Khalifa and Imam of a large, faith and Islam and the security of the faithful.

It felt: that when Safa Safa, it live.

It felt: that he was standing with Arafat, it is atonement and forgiveness of sins from God.

It felt: that it is a valley Mona Manat, although it is cured patients it was said that he quit the sins and for healing on both sides, and some of them said in that poem:

Gadea you about the Hijaz and rumble … stopped at the valley of Mina and Alajra

And get off the land does not disappoint … Enzilha of healing the heart of each painful

It felt: that one of the places it is better known there after all.

It felt: that he returned from the Hajj pilgrimage, it is intended and achieve atonement sins and take the road straight.

It felt: he did nothing of the rituals is better anyway, and was told that the strip of Ihram to worship or out of the sins.

It felt: that he rode in it shows for mercy, because the Prophet peace be upon him: the mercy of the group.

It felt: that he landed with the station behind in it for comfort.

But felt that he left behind him Mukhlif Faúl on three aspects: a sermon and longing and crying.

It felt: that in the convoy, a request not find anything good in it.

The places known perhaps explains the derivation of its name mostly Kalenbua spring, it is better and it Khulais rid of salvation and the like.

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