Vision of gold

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of gold

Which types of sporadic and everything it has on the expression of unity, it is felt that it hit the gold they fall ill, or is or hates him money to go as much as you saw him get angry or King, even if the isolation function.

And much is known of pieces of gold is better than the unknown .

And the vision of gold dust of gold in the hardest worry and cast in place without him and without it and without it, and formulated in Okhvhma concern .

The engraved gold dinars and if the match is Mkhrka dinars .

And gold in terms of the sentence in any way his vision was not Bmahmodh for two things: One is that the word is based on the second go and yellowish in color on the function of grief and disease .

It felt: he struck gold in place semi-real-time or other it fall ill, they are staying, and formulated and is better than others.

It felt: he hit a sheet of gold or alloy it fall ill, they often.

And the vision of fine gold and sadness for men and women welcome that was wearing .

It felt: he eats something out of it, it saves money for his family.

It felt: he hit a gold alloy of gold money, or anger the king, and perhaps afflicted by grief or a fine or other disease.

It felt: that his house of gold afflicted Fleihtat fire to it.

It felt: as if it melts the gold in the quarrel is hated, has been affected by the tongues of the people.


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