Seeing The Vision of heaven In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of heaven In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Vision of heaven In The Dream Interpretation of Al zahri Vision of heaven

Of the opinion that in the first heaven it shows near him.

It felt: that in the second heaven gets his knowledge and wisdom.

It felt: that in the third heaven gets his glory and popularity in the world.

It felt: that in the fourth heaven it closer to the Sultan.

It felt: it is the fifth in the sky gets his dismay and alarm.

It felt: that in the sixth heaven gets his happiness and prestige.

It felt: in the seventh heaven that he gets his prestige and grace and as much as altitude.

It felt: that he ascended to heaven and found the door Mgellouka There is no good and it shows on his work either Bria or lack of it.

It felt that it is not able to look at the sky and it is difficult recurrences his authority and change its affairs.

It felt: that in the sky, it indicates that he traveled a great journey and finds the travel and attributed the ranking in the world and the Hereafter.

It felt: he flew to view the sky will be like that.

And opinion is that it travels straight until it reached the sky indicates the arrival of the intensity and the support of the seer.

It felt: he walked to the sky no longer exists to the ground indicating the expiration of his age.

It felt: that his head reached the sky indicates the height of the house and increase the pomp.

It felt: that he heard a caller call from heaven, it would be good.

It felt: it was built in the sky building it shows his death.

It felt: it was built in the sky building of brick and plaster indicates that it would be arrogant in this world.

It felt: that he came down from the sky, sand or dust, if a little is good, although it is much against it.

It felt: that he came down from heaven, or fire or a live scorpion or stone indicating the descent of the punishment of Allah on that place.

It felt: that drooping from the sky, indicates that it adhere to the religion of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger.

It felt: it is a rope hanging from the sky at an altitude of his shows.

It felt: the gates of heaven indicates the Mfathh answer prayer and frequent rainfall and runoff for the verse, “We opened the gates of heaven with water pouring” verse.

It felt: that he ascended into heaven, peace, or because of reasons of the King won the favor and the elevation, and went up to him without cause and won it for fear.

It felt: it was absent in one of the heavens did not generate any person in the sky is not due to the lower die, it inevitably says, “I am causing you and Ravek to me.”

It felt: it did not generate in the sky when it went up to enter Paradise, God Almighty.

It felt: it fell from the sky, that is hated in the religion of the verse, “It involves God as if he has fallen from the sky,” the verse.

The authority saw or a Sultan it away with him his power is not a command.

It felt: that the bird flew to heaven is not it affects the elevation and good.

It felt: a lamp in the sky it is construed that he saw the sun, the sun was extinguished Teixv.

It felt: that the sky, it split the difference between people or lie to God for the verse, “the heavens are almost ready to burst it,” the verse. It was heaven to see the travel and the absence of rain and it was said because the Arabs called the rain the sky, and sang in the sense in poetry:

If the people of the land of the sky came down … even if they are we sponsored Gdaba

It felt: the white color of the sky in that place of grace and fertile, and that he saw a green that is better, though he saw yellow disease and illness, and he saw red is war and the shedding of blood, and he saw black and narrow is the drought.

But felt that the sky will be colored in that place a great scourge and sedition.

It felt: red marks in the sky like the columns to be like that place the power and victory.

It felt: that the sky will be lost, Abdel no religion.

It felt: that he came down from the sky or grains of delicate grace be overpriced.

It felt: that the trees in the sky or lamps lighted or so shows the transmission of a group of people of this world to the Hereafter, then known of it or something he was told this to the person shall be signing is a given. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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