Vision of impartiality

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Impartiality: (See Justice)

meanings by Al ahsaai


 Vision of impartiality

As for impartiality, it is believed that Aryan was stripped to the order of torn when it saw that it was naked in the market or in an assembly of people and saw his genitalia prominent is ashamed to appear to people and it was some of his clothes, it is revealed and shows his command of the people and perhaps indicates a violation of a jacket and that impartiality in the mosque he free himself for the sins of the righteousness of doing it, and saw that it was naked and did not see his genitalia prominent, the was sick acquitted of his illness or worried he went his main concern or owes spent his religion and perhaps indicates that the repentance and the nakedness of sin or Atary of the world and the Itagty Hereafter, and was injured in his property or said about him what he hates It was said strip a man of good is better and out of concern for the Asi are distressed and HTC cover is of the opinion that being a naked it accused of charges it may have a ground but felt a Sultan that he robbed his clothes, even stripped not soon be isolated even saw a woman they are naked or exposed head in a forum of people it is a disaster in the intervention of her husband, and it is difficult or herself and her money

Interpretation of Al zahri

Impartiality and vision awrah

Of the opinion that he is embarrassed by naked people and asking them what it Evtdh Itagty by them and published his secret, although not Isth of them did not ask them what it alive by Itagty pilgrimage.

It felt: that his genitalia naked and concealed himself in a spoiler, it is construed to pardon and forgiveness, and the nail, although not eligible for this Evger Mahmoud.

It felt: he was stripped naked to the order may dwell in it, the matter was that it shows the debt of the amount of good and worship Well, though it shows the minimum and it is a sin request to the extent of his ambition and the consequences Mzma.

It felt: that he is naked or in a market of people filled the center and saw his genitalia prominent phenomenon of a particular people and look at him when he was ashamed of the people it shows a defect was concealed from them and does not want revealed, and perhaps indicates a violation of a jacket.

But saw that it was stripped in a mosque it free himself of his sins, and perhaps Del impartiality in the mosque to show what he has adhaan, religion, prayer, reading, and the ruler and the like.

It felt: that he is naked and has some of the concealed among the people interpret it a man was rich, his money has gone and what remained concealed him and let him regularly follow a path of piety.

It felt: that he was naked and he does not have anything, not one seen his genitalia and he does not think himself in exposing private parts, it said he was sick healed, though worried he went his main concern, although it owes spent his religion, though rich in gold money, sold his house or die of his wife, and perhaps is evidence of repentance, and perhaps Atary of the world and the Hereafter Itagty, and possibly injured in the money and told him what he hates and impartially the good man and good benefit and they are out and Asi are distressed and HTC jacket and Avcdhaha.

It felt: that being a naked it charges where the accused is innocent of the verse, “O ye who believe, do not be like those who hurt Moses” verse.

It felt: that he was naked and the owner of the property or function, it cuts off about it, especially if robbed of it by force.

If he saw what pleased with the loops, it is lighter than isolation, and perhaps a lack of Ibhth.

The woman saw it naked, it is not good in her, though her husband, it fired, although it considers it in the market or the center filled with people and felt with the detection of the head, it construed its scourge great in either her husband or is difficult to or in itself and is famous in her money and go by the modesty and good to see that among all the women whether they are boys or old.

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