Vision of Inanity


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of Inanity

The Inanity There is no good because of the heinous things, it is felt that Stultifies on who can not do it like that, it would be ungrateful for the kindness.

If anyone saw Stultifies one meaning.

Vision charity

The charity is Mahmoud, especially if it was to the enemy by the nail, and sang some of them:

If the abuser and you reap a felony … Virtue can not kill him the evils

And the vision of charity show high status and power in religion as much as the best and salvation from the torment of the Hereafter. It was of the opinion that it improves it shows his dedication in the uniformity and death on Islam and Mjazath heaven from God to the verse, “Is there any reward charity to charity.”

Vision of piety

But it is the strongest reason of piety. It was the vision of pious people is better, it is considered that the road of everything from the way that it exhibits the glorious God be with him in all his affairs to the verse, “Allah is with those who fear and those who do good.”

The sin against Vtobeirh, and perhaps shown to see who is doing something that matters to the defect and the reflection conditions only be from the people of piety and an expression of his vision deduced.

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