Vision of iris


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of iris

 The iris is seen in his time growing out it shows the good and for the child.

 It felt: that Mgulwa it shows sadness.

If she saw a woman cut off her husband, Susanna, and handed it it fired .

 It felt: that he gave to a Susanna of his relatives after it shows.

 It felt: he gave the package to get it Sawsan paradox, coarse words.

 It felt: lilies at the wrong time, it is not good.

 It felt: lilies and herbs and grains cut on his bed or sees him on his coffin, they Alpacon that he was sick, but not patients Vgm and sadness.

And the vision of lilies construed in two ways: to the people of righteousness and praise good people of corruption, the abuse on the apparent first cut in his name because the poor, and sang in this sense :

Susanna, I gave her to me and giving me … I have improved

The first is poor and not to mention what remains of the name … Poor year

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