Vision of iron

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of iron

Asked about the vision of Ibn Sirin said iron: The iron Vmamulh server is wrought pleasures of this world as much as that and longevity.

It felt: that digging iron or stone extracted from Fidel to get a hardship to the verse, “Say Be stones or iron,” the verse.

It felt: that it melts the iron backbite people and speak words of ugly.

It felt: it has infected a total iron better than it affects the pleasures of this world and the power of what he wants for the verse, “And We sent down iron in which quite severe.”

It felt: that the iron because it affects his property and they had a broad interpretation of the meaning, “and we all have to work his iron Sabgat” verse.

It felt: that iron pin it works pursuant to mention it to the verse, “Even if a fire make it” verse.┬áIt was said to see the iron foundry thereof shall devolve on the tongues of the people and Igtabonh because of the benefit you get it.

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