Vision of isolation


Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of isolation

The insulation shall be construed ways:

It is felt that isolation was the author of the post it shows his consistency. And was told the old man saw Mahmoud isolate it, though he was a youth Vddh and isolation for those who fit the state indicates that gaining.

It felt: it was isolated and the property it shall be construed in two ways: corruption in religion and a decrease in status.

It felt: that he had removed from office, if the goodness of the people in the job seeker is not the way Hamid Mahmoud, though otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

The vision of the mind

And construed aspects of the mind:

It is believed that the mind, a photographer happens and I say your mind and knows that his mind, was the seer of the first prohibition, it indicates that accompany Born the King and get him good and benefit.

It felt: the mind of this body, it shows the glory and honor and rank and prestige. It was the vision of the mind interpreted the state and the victory.

And told that a man came to the Prophet peace be upon him said: O Messenger of God saw the night my soul and mind together in the image of humans came to me and drink my wine as we do in ignorance, he said peace be upon him: the mind interpreted by dividing the world and the spirit shall devolve by dividing the afterlife.

In all, the vision of the mind and spirit Aúlan on six aspects: Bakht and the State of father and mother, wealth and honor.

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