Vision of jewelery and bracelets

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of jewelery and bracelets

Of the opinion that he struck gold in place semi-real-time or other they fall ill, it stays.

It felt: he hit a thing of the pots packaged loads there is nothing wrong in it because he did not inspect the color of gold.

It felt: that he drank from gold, so they accrue a woman a few religion there is nothing wrong silver vessels, said vessels of silver and gold and silver construed Balnsoh good ones and the gold of them against it.

And navigation, whether of gold or silver, it devolves woman Maleeha, and silver was probably tell .

As for the types of jewelry, it will come and express everything on the unit.

The bracelets, it devolves to the women and men to marry sad.

It felt: that the king gave him the bracelet he gets his son and his brother alive either.

It felt: that in his two bracelets of gold, as it affects a narrow and hateful in his hand while he owned.

It felt: that in his hand a bracelet of gold, it is construed obtaining legacy, and perhaps for the people of righteousness and obedience increase in the wealth of the verse, “be adorned with bracelets of gold.” It was the vision of bracelets of gold if they were put in the hands and they’ll grow it, they Aúlan obtaining them and said to people who liars as stated in Sahih Al-Bukhari that the Prophet peace be upon him, he said: While I was sleeping as I came Bkhozaún the ground he put in the hands of Swaran of gold Vkpra Ali and Oahmani revealed to me to Anfajhma Venfajthma Aftara Volhma liars who between them I am the owner and the owner of Sanaa Al Yamamah.

It felt: that in the hands of silver bracelets it shows for the grace of difficulty.

It felt: that he has two bracelets of silver fall ill, it is tight in his hand with sadness and hated it, but lighter than gold, the most twisted of Mabsoot hollow and is better than silent. It was a vision of silver bracelets indicate a server or get born.

It felt: that the property in his hands Bracelet interpret the appearance of it is ugly on his hands to mention beautiful, although the bracelets of metal, such as metal or something of the plants it is interpreted for each of them on the origins of what appears in the expression of that metal. It was a vision in terms of wholesale bracelets from accrue any metal was attributed to the women to men in private to the metal and the men Binsoh as well.

In all, the vision of the bracelet construed five aspects: principality and the wisdom and cunning and distressed child or brother.

It felt: it wears a bit of jewelery or carrying it, it was a silver engraved it for grace and naive without it and painted a good, albeit Mkhriqh was the best, and perhaps the ornaments of gold engraved Almkhriq better than others and all the ornaments of the women an existence well and the pair meet them. It was the vision of jewelery for men, and devolve obtaining pension gain.

It felt: something in place of silver or gold, the kind was known to be construed as the kind at the origin of the expression, but did not know the kind gold and silver are good.

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